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Path of exile 3.1 Ranger Raider Builds

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The Raider focuses on preserving buffs, gaining Frenzy Charges, Onslaught, or Phasing by way of kills. She can specialize in certainly one of these buffs to boost its effect, considerably increasing her speed and evasion. Despite what the class icon shows, this class doesn't have any modifiers distinct to melee damage, so ranged attacks will receive these bonuses as well. In this post, we are going to share Path of exile 3.1 Ranger Raider Builds with Barrage, Blade Vortex, Charged Dash, Cyclone, Frost Blades, Molten Strike, Spectral Throw, Sunder  Poe Gems Skills for you personally!


Path of exile 3.1 Ranger Raider Builds

NO.1 [Poe 3.1 Barrage] Windripper Raider Tornado Shot and Barrage

Pathfinder can achieve 1 Additional Projectile for Barrage with a lot of changes to the skill tree, But In This Build have found raider is a much smoother experience with frenzy charges and the fast gameplay it provides.

Updated Skill Trees And for Leech concerns it seems fine won't be able to leech shapers beam etc. For mana leech, This Build would recommend grabbing mana leech nodes (essence sap) just grab one or more if needed.

+ Lots of fun
+ Can do every Boss in the game
+ MF Build
+ Movement speed and ailment/curse immunity make for smooth playstyle
+ Can tank sharper's beam with flasks up. lol

- Expensive!
- Can't-do elemental reflect maps with -max mod // can do either fine on there own
- Int cap can be hard to reach // 159 required for level 21 wrath
- Life is a bit low without right gear
- Chimera is the hardest Guardian for this build // use a Seething Life flask of Staunching

Link: Read Detail Build

NO.2 [Poe 3.1 Blade Vortex] The Dancing Phantasm - Crit Cold BV/The Dancing Dervish/Perma phasing/Rampage

This build revolves around the Ranger's Raider Ascendancy with its Onslaught/Phasing synergy making it pretty safe and using "The Dancing Dervish" (TDD) in it's manifested form as statistics. Manifest Dancing Dervish provides you with Onslaught while you have Rampage which means you have 5 seconds of Phasing/Onslaught instead of the three you get through the Ascendancy.

+ Rampage.
+ Fairly Cheap.
+ Fun to play with this build.
+ Perma Phasing while the Rampage is on.
+ The satisfying visual of a very lovely Cycloning Sword.

- You lose defenses as you cannot wear a shield. You do have Perma Phasing and dodge chance through items because of it while the Rampage is active.
- If you fail to start a rampage, you are missing a lot of damage, defenses, and clear speed.
- Build only really starts at level 59 because you can just then equip TDD.

Link: Read Detail Build

NO.3 [Poe 3.1 Charged Dash] Charged Dash mayhem

This build based on the Raider Ascendancy due to the bonus of free Frenzy charges, more Frenzy charges gives us more AoE overlap & more attacks when charging. The main issue with Charged Dash is that Movement speed is both good & bad for the simple reason of it increases how quickly you cast Charged Dash. But will also lower the AoE effect for the skill, so I haven't pushed too much for high amounts of Movement speed just enough for it to not hinder the Skill.

Not much has changed overall, haven't got around to testing the new VP, so it's up to you if you decide to take it or not otherwise just enjoy the gameplay and new patch!

- Skill effect looks amazing
- Does a surprising amount of damage
- Can clear with relative speed
- Cheap to start, scales well with gear
- Can be used as a league starter
- Easy enough to hit the 100% more multiplier on Charged Dash

- Doesn't like open areas
- Does no damage if you miss
- Can be frustrating if played with high ping
- Time to learn how to use properly
- Bosses can be highly aggravating if you mess up
- Elemental Reflect will kill you if you fully charge

Link: Read Detail Build

NO.4 [Poe 3.1 Cyclone] Elemental Crit Cyclone Raider - Fast, fun, deadly!

VP as expected, Lycosidae is now more rare and Ruthless cannot be used with a cyclone. Nothing else in patch notes affects this build.
New and improved passive trees added, including leveling section. The old tree had five sockets and 182% life; the new one has four Sockets and 200% inc life. There are multiple sockets within 3 points each if you want more of them, there is also easy access to a few more life and resist nodes. The new tree does not include VP for now, but I've added an alternate version which does cover it.
For now, aura recommendation remains Wrath+HoI with the curse on hit assassin's mark until you can get the Blue Dream, at which point you should switch to blasphemy enfeeble with HoI and HoT.

+ It's not a projectile build
+ It's melee
+ Moves and clears fast
+ Crunchy ASMR Herald of Ice shatters
+ Dodge, freeze/chill and Enfeeble make for Strong defensive layers
+ Can do endgame bosses reliably with decent gear
+ Best in slot uniques and enchants are mostly cheap
+ Not expensive to get going but scales very well with investment

- It's not a projectile build
- It's melee
- Not the fastest boss killer and cyclone can get you in trouble if you're not careful
- As raider flasks are somewhat unreliable compared to Pathfinder
- Relatively low maximum life for a melee build, around 5-6k depending on item choices and gear level
- As the raider, damage and movement speed are heavily dependent on frenzy charges. Not a problem in combat but you will feel slow when backtracking with empty flasks and no fees.

Link: Read Detail Build

NO.5 [Poe 3.1 Frost Blades] Sidefx Frost Blades - FAST MAPPER, Can boss!

This build focuses on high attack speed to unleash a series of chaining projectiles with 86% cold pen, high crit chance and fantastic attack speed in an almost 360 radius around you, killing everything that dares come close.
The weapon range increases with each level of Frost Blades, so even if it is a melee skill, with proper positioning, you will be out of harms way most of the times you`re in a fight.
It is a full Elemental build at 100% raw conversion, dealing no physical damage, therefore physical reflect mods will not affect you.
Evident speed wise, while not competing with Vaal Spark (dead), it is faster than most builds out there and somewhat cheaper.
Just a 4-Link setup can get you up to T10 maps if you`re careful.
This is a Softcore build. If you want to play Hardcore, just make sure you pick more Life nodes rather than Damage nodes.

+ Perma freeze most mobs - ESP BOSSES in 3.1 **
+ High DPS
+ Super fast map clear
+ good Life Leech w/ out Old Vaal pact

- Can be expensive, esp to min max
- glass cannon, You need to learn to position 100% hit move hit move, etc.
- can run into problems with the single target (bosses)

Link: Read Detail Build

NO.6 [Poe 3.1 Molten Strike] Frozen Lava - Frost Blades & Molten Strike Raider

With the nerf to Vaal Pact in 3.1, this build required a full change. Here it is. It now dual wields claws and uses a multi-purpose link.

+ Good clear speed
+ Good single target
+ Fast, nice QoL
+ High defenses

- Relying on dodge, which is RNG
- Not HC viable
- Not the best league starter

Link: Read Detail Build

NO.7 [Poe 3.1 Spectral Throw] Easily Clear All Content U-Lab/U-Atziri/Shaper etc

Vaal Pact has been reworked and moved position on the tree. Will have to see how it plays. Best guess general mapping while being unaffected, face tanking end game content will probably be significantly hindered if not impossible.

+ Very fun and engaging build to play
+ Spectral Throw MTX (buzzsaw or reaver) both look amazing! (Hope to get Lunaris boss from act 8 MTX at some point!!)
+ Breakneck pace build
+ Incredible movement speed with whirling blades
+ One of the best AOE clears in the game hands down
+ Amazing Single Target capabilities as well
+ Vaal Haste + Vaal Haste take it yet another step further
+ Free frenzy charge generation via ascendancy class
+ Vaal pact + insane damage gives ridiculous amounts of leech
+ Can do almost all map mods (avoid no leech, Ele reflect)
+ Able to do all content (all maps, uber Atziri, all labs, shaper, and guardians)
+ Phasing on your character makes him look badass
+ Nice defensive capabilities
+ Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more Poe currency

- Ele Reflect maps are NOT plausible (Can do low/mid-tier Ele reflect maps with Yugul pantheon, even red map Ele reflect not too bad. However - - - finding a single rare with ELE indicate in an already ELE reflect map hurts like hell and will probably make you kill yourself before you even realize it.)
- Can not leech maps are NOT possible
- Can be moderately expensive to fully min/max for endgame gear
- All leech is ELE dmg, so any physical leech from tree/jewels/gear does not work

Link: Read Detail Build

NO.8 [Poe 3.1 Sunder] Frostbite Sunderer ELE Raider - the Last Version Added VP, This One Removes It!

So VP is removed from our build, and to take it would be way less point efficient than the pathing we currently have on the bottom side of the tree. Thus,
This Build is the best solution is to Simply drop damage and take life nodes to make up for the previously lacking defense. The PoB is updated, but the rest of the build isn't because I think someone other than me needs to restructure this build with a new point of view on the weapon.

+ Insane damage for little investment (100k DPS single target with Sunder on a four-link and 3c in uniques)
+ Scales decently with investment (400k-ish single target at max with a Pandemonius and Taming)
+ Freezes everything chills map bosses.
+ Near-capped dodge chance and 50,000 evasion
+ Immune to even Elemental Reflect as long as your flasks are up
+ Can use Doryani's Catalyst as an offhand statistics
+ +250% increased movement speed!
+ 8 Frenzy Charges!

- Relatively trying to get above 5k life because Ranger
- Somewhat subpar single target (though this is due to the map boss life changes and we still chill them)

Link: Read Detail Build

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