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Path of Exile massive update will be released on Friday

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The massive update will be released on Friday, the fourth of August, at 10 pm. Although The Fall of Oriath is completely free, you can compare it to the content of a classic extension rather than an ordinary patch - and even for Oldschool addon scales, the thing is still impressive!

Path of Exile massive update will be released on Friday

The Fall of Oriath expands the four story files of Path of Exile by a total of six new ones. In the same breath the old difficulty levels "Cruel" and "Merciless" disappear. So far, we had to go through the action of Path of Exile in the same way as in Diablo 2 three times in succession in constantly increasing degrees of difficulty to reach the final game. Now, let's just fight through all ten acts.

However, the fifth act is only one hundred percent new. However, chapters six to ten are modified variants of the first five acts. However, the changes are expected to be substantial, ranging from new monsters and altered areas to completely fresh land. In addition, all ten acts tell a story.

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath - Gameplay, Pre-Access & Free Mega-Addon Appeal 2:07 Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath
The Pantheon of Wraeclast

The second crown jewel in the huge feature list of The Fall of Oriath is the Pantheon system. In the course of history, we engage with the gods of Wraeclast and bring them down to gain their power. Four higher and seven lower gods are available, we can choose one and always change for free. In the final game, we can upgrade it when we do certain map bosses.

The Fall of Oriath will not only make Path of Exile bigger and deeper but also more comfortable. An improved tutorial and a help screen, in which we release explanatory pages on different aspects of the gameplay, are intended to simplify the first steps. We can also design our character in the Skill Tree Planner.

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