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POE 3.4 Delve League Challenges Analysis - Part A

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With the update of the new league of Path Of Exile, the delve league has been more than a month. I believe that most players have already had a deeper understanding of delve, so what are the new challenges of the delve league compared to the previous league?  What are your satisfied experiences in the game?  It’s better to take a look at the challenge guide below to help you explore delve more deeply.

Please note that the second half of this guide will be updated later.



Rating Description

  • Very Easy: Can be done within a week or day.
  • Easy: Can be done within a month, or couple of weeks.
  • Normal: Can be done within around a month or more, and require access end game content to do this.
  • Hard: Require heavy grinding which requires around 2 or more months of grinding.
  • Very Hard: Almost impossible to accomplished the challenge within 3 months(default league period)
  • Grinding here means play time in general, not farming on specific things.

1. Complete any Delve Encounter

Very Easy. You can finish by doing a Delve run from Niko's Mine Encampment. You can access his encampment after u click a pile of Voltaxic Sulphite then he'll spawn, or talk to him in town after u found sulphite.

2. Complete Niko's Quests

Very Easy. Most of his quest is just learning the basic how the delve actually works and how to make use of it such as upgrades and breaking walls.

3. Defeat these Gods

Easy. Most these Gods are Act6 above side bosses, which grant you pantheon power("U"button) after killing them, and also free passive points as their quest reward.

4. Complete Delve Encounters I

Easy. During delve, you can look for Jewellery Chests with the Ring Icon in subterranian chart("V"button).

5. Defeat Vaal Bosses

Very easy. Vaal bosses are spawn from side zone(corrupted) Act's area indicated by a glowing, beating heart and swirling ribbons of blood. With the 3.3.0 updated it buffs the vaal vessel chests from corrupted side zones now drop even more rewards, making those side zones worth more farming.

6. Complete Azurite Encounter

Very easy. Azurite Vault is the 2nd tier of azurite room that spawn powerful azurite spirits, while Azurite Fissure is the 3rd tier of azurite room that spawn bosses like azurite dragon/bat/wolf. You can look for them in subterranean chart("V"button).

7. Reach Depth Level

POE 3.4 Delve Beginner Guide Depth

As you play through the game, Niko digs his own mineshaft, around 10 depths behind where you should be for your level. At any time, you can resume Delving from the areas he has mined. He stops doing this around the time that you hit maps, so you can essentially skip to as deep as depth 73(Level character 69). --Bex, Community Manager

Normal. When you reach map your level might be around 60+- thus ur delve auto-dig will stop around 50+-, in order to do this challenge you had to double the Niko's works dig down to depths 100.

Depth Monster Level Base Sulphite Cost Darkness Resist Light Radius
100 70 130 -196 -196

8. Destroy Walls

The fractured wall and icon will look like this, here are the tips to discover these walls:

  • walk slightly deeper around the alleyway
  • found the icon, use quicksilver run into the wall the throw flare on the wall
  • throw dynamite wait it break the wall
  • go in throw another flare inside and fast take the loot inside
  • Use quicksilver again run back outside, ur flare shouldn't run out yet at this time.

Tip: Some player uses Smoke Mine to teleport from the alleyways, but Smoke Mine sometimes doesn't work when is not in line of sight OR got stun by monster when u wanna teleport back ... practice makes perfect I guess =/

Normal. Fractured walls not only spawns around alleyways but they also spawn in hidden room(room with no visible pathways in subterranean chart), have to seek them from nearby checkpoint and breaking them will open a new path to the hidden rooms.

Ziggyd also make a guide on how to unlock secret area behind fractured wall

9. Defeat following Monsters I

Easy. All these are monster only spawn from delve, each of their own variation of monster.

10. Defeat these Act Bosses

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest, if can't kill just get a party to help.

11. Complete Delve Encounters II

Encounters Content Biome Min Depth
Whispering Gallaery Breach Abyssal Depths, Frozen Hollow, Fungal Caverns, Magma Fissure, Mines, Petrified Forest, Sulphur Vents 10+
Runed Cavern Harbinger Abyssal Depths, Frozen Hollow, Fungal Caverns, Magma Fissure, Mines, Petrified Forest, Sulphur Vents 10+
Underground Stash Strongboxes Abyssal Depths, Frozen Hollow, Fungal Caverns, Magma Fissure, Mines, Petrified Forest, Sulphur Vents 10+
Pulsating Grotto Beyond Abyssal Depths, Frozen Hollow, Fungal Caverns, Magma Fissure, Mines, Petrified Forest, Sulphur Vents 10+
Abandoned Amplifier Any Items Mines 1~65

The only troublesome encounter to find is Abandoned Amplifier, it only spawn in mines biome which is till depth 65, so try search around near surface area delve(1~65) to find this encounter as mention from TogetherGaming video.

Normal. All these are valuable nodes in delve, is not that hard to find them and also no need to delve downward but sideways(left & right) instead to search them as the have low requirement depth to spawn.

12. Complete City Biome

Normal. They don't have minimum depths requirement to spawn, and city biome will cover a numbers of nodes in yellow-border-grid when they spawn. There are 3 type of city biome, Abyssal City with greenish background, Vaal Outpost with yellowish background, and lastly Primeval Ruins with redish backgroun

13. Collect Voltaxic Sulphite

You'll get more voltaxic sulphite at higher level area especially in end game maps, it gets even more when the map have high "increase item quantity drop" mods.

Easy. Just keep on clicking those Voltaxic Sulphite in the wild you'll reach 1K sulphite in no time.

14. Defeat a City Boss

Encounters Content Biome Min Depth
The Grand Architect's Temple Incursion Boss Vaal Outpost 83+
The Lich's Tomb Abyssal Boss Abyssal Depths 150+
The Crystal King's Throne Harbinger Boss Primeval Ruins 250+

Normal. I've haven't met all city boss yet but the earliest boss u can find kinda a bit mechanical fight, doesn't require very deep delve to spawn them so shouldn't be that hard.

15. Open Chests

Easy. 500 is not a big number as long u keep farming delve you'll get that number eventually

16. Complete Delve Encounters III

Easy. Keep on look out bigger icon in subterranean chart as you delve deeper, those mostly contain special biome within them.

17. Collect Azurite

Normal. Require a few weeks to reach this number from farming delves, deeper delver will give more Azurites.

18. Complete these Encounters I

  • Open a Cartographer's Strongbox RNG rate: very rare, require around a month of grinding. Could make use of Monstrous Treasure prophecy or Zana's Ambush mod(Lvl4) to ease up this challenge, or just buy the service which maybe a bit expensive ... beware scammers though, only the player who open only get the challenge.
  • Kill a Rare monster with Inner Treasure RNG rate: rare, require few weeks of grinding.
  • Defeat Beyond Unique Bosses RNG rate: normal, require few days of grinding. You can increase the beyond boss spawn chance by stacking the original map's mod together with Zana's Beyond mod(Lvl5) but BE WARN these bosses are dangerous ... especially Abaxoth, the End of All That Is
  • Release an Essence of Hysteria, Insanity, Horror or Delirium RNG rate: normal, you have to use Remnant of Corruption corrupt those tier 5 purple-essences(Misery, Dread, Scorn, Envy) which only spawn in End Game Maps. This table will help you understand more about essence tiers.
  • Defeat 30 Harbingers RNG rate: normal, with the new revamped zana quest and some of the delve does spawn harbingers so shouldn't be much problem completing this, if still have problem finding them then try make use of Zana's Harbinger mod(lvl8) to spawn them instead.

Normal. Require a bit more grinding to complete these except for the cartographer's box, need a bit of RNG to find them.

19. Use following Currency

Instead of buying these resonators from Niko which is expensive, you could get them yourself(free) from Resonator Chest which mostly spawn in delve's alleyways, they mostly shine quite bright in the dark so look out for those shiny stuff as you walk along with the crawler during your delve

ZiggyD did make some tips/guides video on delve

Normal. 4 sockets resonator might obtainable at early delve but the deeper you go the higher chance to get valuable fossils/resonators.

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20. Upgrade following Items

Normal. Upgrade 5 times each of them is not that hard, require few weeks of grinding collecting these amount of azurites.


Thank you for reading. Please pay attention to the update of our website for the next part of this guide. Whenever you need us, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Online Live Chat!

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