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POE 3.4 Delve League Challenges Analysis - Part B

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This issue guide follows the previous article and continues to introduce the relevant challenges of the Delve League with accompanying videos for players' reference.

This is not only a newbie guide, but also a detailed introduction to the delve league. Some player really want to know what else in delve has not been played yet., so please continue to browse.



Rating Description

  • Very Easy: Can be done within a week or day.
  • Easy: Can be done within a month, or couple of weeks.
  • Normal: Can be done within around a month or more, and require access end game content to do this.
  • Hard: Require heavy grinding which requires around 2 or more months of grinding.
  • Very Hard: Almost impossible to accomplished the challenge within 3 months(default league period)
  • Grinding here means play time in general, not farming on specific things.

1. Complete Delve Encounters IV (36/40)

Encounters Content Biome Min Depth
Haunted Tomb Fossils Fungal Caverns 83+
Stonewood Hollow Fossils Petrified Forest 83+
Crystal Spire Fossils Abyssal Depths 83+
Time-Lost Cavern Fossils Frozen Hollow 83+
Molten Cavity Fossils Magma Fissure 83+
Humid Fissure Fossils Sulphur Vents 83+
Ritual Grounds Talisman Petrified Forest 20+
Echoing Lair Bestiary Fungal Caverns 50+
Prospero's Deposit Perandus Magma Fissure 83+
Unspeakable Shrine Abyss Abyssal Depths 50+
Redblade Retreat or Base Fire Warband Magma Fissure 50+
Mutewind Retreat or Base Cold Warband Frozen Hollow 50+
Brinerot Retreat or Base Lightning Warband Sulphur Vents 50+
Renegade Camp Chaos Warband Fungal Caverns 83+

The "Complete Delve Encounters IV" is too difficult to complete. This now has four additional components that can contribute towards its completion. These new components are still somewhat rare, but should be much more attainable. You still require only six total to complete the challenge, meaning you should only need two of the very rare ones now. ---development manifesto

GGG finally listened, since 3.4.3d patch they make this challenge a bit easier than before. They changed the challenge now only need to complete 6 out of 14, 4 are common and 2 more rarer as they mentioned from the manifesto.

Hardest. This challenge are really RNG dependent as you need to seek them in each biome, not to mention this challenges can't be shared, in other words you can't buy this services. Once u complete this challenge then only try proceeding getting 40/40.

2. Defeat Delve Boss I

  • Defeat Ahuatotli, the Blind without allowing more than one Beam Pyramid to be active at a time

There are total of 4 pyramid around the arena edges, these pyramid start charging(glowing red) as it grow the red line/glpyh slowly toward the middle spot. When it's reached the middle it means full charged, and it will shoot out beams randomly around them.

To stop them charging, you need to step on the red button behind them.

  • Defeat Ahuatotli, the Blind while all Beam Pyramids are active and you have not taken any damage from them

These pyramid will shoot out beams only around them, so just try stay at the middle to avoid getting hit as they shoot out from around the edges.

  • Defeat Ahuatotli, the Blind without gaining more than 5 stacks of Darkness Debuff

U can avoid the darkness by planting flares and stay there throughout the "blackout" phase

  • Defeat Ahuatotli, the Blind without using any Flares

Killing this boss without flares might be tricky but do-able as long you able to leap/dash into the red light during the "blackout" phase,

Ahuatotli, the Blind boss fight gameplay

Normal. This boss spawn in delve depths 83 above. These challenges aren't so hard to at least for certain build, if really can't then invite experience player to help do this challenge when u found the boss in delve.

3. Defeat following Monsters II

  • Atziri, Queen of the Vaal Difficulty:Normal. This is one of the end game boss, you'll need 4 different parts of sacrifice fragment put into a map device then only can access her domain. Atziri could be a hard fight, but the fragments is kinda easy and cheap to get. If your build can't handle this boss just ask an experience player to help kill it.
  • Igna Phoenix RNG rate: rare, require around a week of grinding to found her. Doing Precinct Map will be easier to found her if you're still having bad RNG to found through out end game.
  • The Pale Council Difficulty:Normal. It require 4 type of keys that only can get from certain prophecy chain. Could be a little difficult fight, just ask ppl to help you kill and u done with this challenge, just require one try to complete all those 4 boss at ounce.
  • The Elder Difficulty:Normal. When your atlas have enough elder's influence, The Elder together with his guardians will spawn at the middle of the influence. You have to beat the guardians(4) first then only can fight with The Elder, if not The Elder won't spawn from the map.

OVERALL: Normal. Require couple of week to finish this.

4. Complete these Encounters II

  • The Arbiter of Knowledge - Tier6 Academy Map, it'll cast Book Tornado every few sec when you start encounter it, so advice to kill it far away from him to avoid those tornado AoE, is low tier boss so will be easy to kill it.
  • Tunneltrap - Tier8 Mud Geyser Map, this will be very tricky especially when finding the boss because it always hiding underground. So as soon you saw a giant worm come out from the ground, watch out for it's projectile, if can try ice him(arctic armor) or curse temporal chain to slow it down so that you can see it's attack animation then try to dodge all his projectile, DPS it down then you complete this challenge.
  • The Forgotten Soldier - Tier5 Conservatory Map, it only spawn those "Orbs" when it shield charge, it still shield charge even you fight with it in melee-range, so advice you to try fight it in range instead and watch out for the Orbs from it's shield chargeDrought-Maddened Rhoa - Tier2 Arid Lake Map, breaking it's nest 3 times in the boss room will make that Rhoa boss enrage in maximum form, not only it's getting stronger but also drop more loots, very worth doing this even is not for the challenges but for the LOOTs!
  • Atziri - Tier3 The Apex of Sacrifice, Atziri will go split-phase when she loses a quarter of her life (so at 75%, 50% and 25%). During her split phase she have 4 forms, One holds a spear which throw projectiles attack, One has fire on her hand which cast flameblast, One has lightning on her hand which cast stormcall, and One has a mirror which reflect 100% damage. I would suggest pick all of them except the mirror girl unless your build is immune to reflect(mine,trap,degen), so to do this challenge u have to remember ur choice which u wanted to kill then remain the same type kill choice of all 3 phases.

OVERALL: Normal. Among all The Arbiter of Knowledge, Academy Boss might be the trickiest to do but when u enough high dps it shouldn't be a problem then.

5. Defeat Delve Boss II

  • Defeat Kurgal, the Blackblooded without using any Flare

During the "darkness phase", Kurgal will be immune. If you want to survive without the flare, around the circle-like arena, multiple green crystals (can be one) will light up and dissipate the dark debuff on you.

  • Defeat Kurgal, the Blackblooded without taking any damage from his Reflecting Beam skill

Kurgal will channel towards a corner in the circle-like arena. While chaneling toward this corner or direction, he will be connecting crystal that behave similarly to "Searing Bond". He casts them relatively fast but if you pop a movement flask, you can circle around him while he still channeling and avoid being hit.

To do this challenge you will have to watch out his animation as he can be doing one of three things: detonating a obelisk, preparing to channel a scorching ray on you, or doing this searing bond-like skill. If you touch any of the crystal linking up with each other and take damage, I believe you have lost this achievement. So long as you are moving around, it should be easy.

  • Defeat Kurgal, the Blackblooded after allowing him to detonate at least 8 Obelisks without taking any damage from them

Kurgal will pop "pillars" around him and will eventually detonate them like bombs or detonate dead. He takes his sweet time in detonating them. If he has 4 up, he will cover the whole arena, and you have a higher chance of being hit. Either get behind a few of them to provoke him into detonating it, and then beat the living crap out of him to get to the next phase. Or, don't stand in the 3 circle the pillar light up to avoid taking damage

  • Defeat Kurgal, the Blackblooded without taking any damage from beams during his empowered phase

Kurgal empower phase is when he turns into a purple color form. Around the arena, crystal will now light up and laser beam you. Kurgal will also attempt to scissor beam you as well.

This one is pretty tough as it require some hardcore dodging skills. I have yet to achieve this one

Kurgal, the Blackblooded boss fight gameplay

Normal. This boss spawn in delve depths 150 above. The challenges aren't so hard to at least for certain build, if really can't then invite experience player to help do this challenge when u found the boss in delve.

6. Defeat following Monsters III

Hard. Fighting them might already but finding is already hard especially for Harbinger Boss which require very delve 250+ above, that's equivalent to Tier15 map's boss.

7. Complete Unided Rare Maps

Normal. Going an unidentified rare map is kinda risky but high reward, do ounce per tier. You can obtain unidentified rare map buy doing the map vendor recipe which also effect the rarity too, etc: vendor 3 same rare map you'll get +1 tier rare map. If your build can't deal most of the map mod then just party up with other people OR invite experienced players to help your Blind Map

8. Use following Fossils

POE Delve League Beginner Guide Fossils


Scourched Metallic Frigid
Pristine Aetheric Serrated
Prismatic Perfect Prismatic
Enchanted(FW) Encrusted(FW) Sanctified(FW)


Dense Bound Bound
Aberrant Jagged Aberrant
Perfect Corroded  
Corroded Sanctified(FW)  
  • (FW) means Fractured Wall
  • special thanks ZiggyD 4th video guide on farming fossils

Most fossils can be obtain via delve alleyways, and the valuable/rarer fossils mostly obtain behind those fractured walls. Ziggyd also make a good video guide on how to farm fossils easily

Normal. You only need to do 20 out of 25 of the fossils so should be easy, not much RNG needed.

9. Complete Twinned Maps

Normal. Some map boss are more tricky to do when two of them in a small room, you can try roll a magic rarity of the map with "Twin" mod so make the fight easier. If still can't, just ask someone else to help kill when u got them.

10. Reach Level 90

Normal. This require a descent build to do this, require within a month to reach this level. If bad build that die a lot then .... maybe then need around a month+

11. Level up a Gem to 20

Normal. This is easier than leveling character to 90, just carry any gem till around level 90+ ur character ur gem might reach lvl20 already, just need more grinding. Don't worry about your character dying because it won't decrease the gem experience at all, only your character, not the gems ;)

12. Complete these Encounters III

  • Abaxoth, the End of All That Is Hard. This boss only spawn from beyond map's mod. He's hardly spawn but you can increase the beyond boss spawn chance by stacking the original map's mod together with zana's Beyond mod(Lvl5) but BE WARN this boss is freaking dangerous, so advice try spawn him in low tier map.
  • Breachlord Normal. They reduce the challenge from killing all 5 to one, thanks again GGG! To gain access to kill Breachlord, you have to collect a stack of 100 splinters which will automatically turn into Breachstone. Most of the boss are kinda hard to fight, just ask for help to deal with this.
  • Lich Normal. They only can spawn from end game map's abyssal depths, they are easy to fight but their spawn rate quite rare. This challenge is very RNG dependent.
  • Beachhead Normal. You can get this unique map easily from upgrading map by using Harbinger's Orb which can be obtain from Harbinger mob(Zana Lvl8 mod). This unique map is easy to do, just kill a bunch of harbinger mob that's it.

13. Complete Maps with Eight Mods

Normal. This is harder than unidentified rare map, to have 8 mods on red maps(T11+), you need to use Vaal Orb to corrupt a map into 8 mods. And again, just ask ppl help you deal with the dangerous map that u crafted, or make a rotation party to farm 8mod red tier maps will be a bit easier.

Click HERE for 8 modifiers red map search via PoE Trade

14. Defeat Delve Boss III (36/40)

  • Defeat Aul, the Crystal King without allowing any of the Crystalline Cocoons to fully open

When you going near a cocoon it will start opening (this process is actually fast). So when you try to avoid an ice slam or when Aul uses ice barrage attacks - is when it usually happens cause you usually have to stay in the middle to not trigger it.

  • Defeat Aul, the Crystal King without destroying any of the Crystalline Cocoons

This challenge can be done by properly positioning your character during "Clone shield charge" phase. Stay in between cocoons so charge misses them and hits a wall.

  • Defeat Aul, the Crystal King after destroying all of the Crystalline Cocoons

Stay directly in front of cocoons so charge will destroy them.

  • Defeat Aul, the Crystal King without detonating any of the Crystal Lights during the Darkness Phase

The crystal lights are the crystals that spawn during darkness phase - you come close they explode and emit light on the ground like a flare would. So I think you gotta dodge them and use flares to avoid getting killed by the darkness.

  • Defeat Aul, the Crystal King without using any Voltaxic Flares

Darkness phase seems to happen only once (at 50% hp), and like with all other Delve bosses it will have Light Sources appearing in different parts of the arena.

Aul, the Crystal King boss fight gameplay with challenge guide

Hard. This boss spawn in delve depths 250 above. This challenge might require really descent build to do, if really can't then invite experience player to help do this challenge when u found the boss in delve.

15. Reach Depth Level

Reaching depth 250 above is equivalent to tier 15 maps monster level(82+). Also don't worry about sulphite cost going ridiculous high as you go deeper, because the amount of sulphite cost growth stop at depth level 270(802 per base).

Normal. Around this level of depth most of the node might inherent with hard map modifier making the monster quite dangerous, require descent build to reach this far.

Depth Monster Level Base Sulphite Cost Darkness Resist Light Radius
300 83 802 -402 -402

16. Complete following Maps (36/40)

  • 300 Corrupted Maps There's no specification on clearing what tier or color of maps, so should be easy just cost a bunch of vaal orbs, and watch out for reflect modifier maps too. Also if you found a Cartographer's Strongbox, vaal it after roll the mod u wanted(+quantity/+level) as it will corrupt every map it drop, save more vaal orbs from doing this challenge.
  • 300 Maps augmented with a Zana Mod If you don't have a favorite mod to pick, just choose Fortune Favours the Brave would be slightly cheaper and available at early levels.

OVERALL: Normal. Compare to previous challenge league which require 500 influenced maps, this is MUCH BETTER! Because the fact that you can do both requirement per map(corrupt a map then put on map device with zana mod), thus you only need to do 300 maps on this challenge only which is way BETTER, big number reduction compare with previous league, no more require elder/shaper influence.

17. Complete Unique Maps

Normal. Do 15 out of 19, with the help of The Encroaching Darkness divination card, this challenge will be slightly easier to complete as you keep grinding end game maps collecting this cards. Even your RNG is sux collecting these card, you could buy some of the unique map at here, most of the unique map are quite cheap.

18. Complete Deadly Encounters

POE Delve League Beginner Guide Uber Elder

  • Atziri in the Alluring Abyss Normal. This is the uber Atziri, is hard fight. If you're build not that good, just invite other experience player to do it as long you supply them the map entry which is the mortal fragments.(Expensive)
  • Uber Elder Hard. This is the hardest content PoE ever had since 3.2 update aside delve content which we haven't known yet. To spawn uber elder ain't that hard by pulling elder influence to the middle will override the elder spawns to the middle when the condition is met(all T16 maps got elder influenced). Yes it is the hardest fight but you can invite others to help you kill it as long you can make them spawn in ur map.(Slightly Expensive)
  • The Shaper Hard. This is the last boss in the atlas of world(end game maps), the 2nd hardest boss in the game. To access this boss domain you need 4 type of map fragments that only drop from his guardians. Just like the uber atziri, just buy the service if you're build not capable to do it.(Slightly Expensive)
  • Vaal Temple Hard. Can get this through divination card name Lingering Remnants or vaaling T15 maps above only. The boss inside is pretty hard, not to mention with random add-on mods on top of this map make it more dangerous ... just buy the service if you're build not capable to do it.(Slightly Expensive)

OVERALL: Hard, just collect the entrance key or make the boss spawn then ask for help to kill the boss.

19. Complete these Encounters IV

  • Esh, Forked Thought - Tier3 Esh's Breachstone, Shock Nova charge-up is pretty long, you can easily move away from Esh to a nearby corner if you're not a tanky build - the AoE covers only about 50% of the room so you move to the corner to avoid it or portal out
  • Tul, Creeping Avalanche - Tier3 Tul's Breachstone, every few second the boss will spawn crystal totems that shoot out projectile withvery high freeze chance, to do this challenge u have to wait for 4 active totem then only lay down your last kill hit on boss
  • Xoph, Dark Embers - Tier3 Xoph's Breachstone, Xoph does a sunder slam. At the initial explosion, it grows into a pillar and also forks into 2 more flame geysers, each flame geysers last 12 seconds. When Xoph < 60% hp, his 2 pillars now will fork into 2 more pillars. Totally 7 pillars. To do this challenge you need to get him low as he seems to enrage and hit faster. Once he does 2 sunder-pillar slam within the timeframe will be a good time to kill him
  • The Cursed King - Tier14 Dark Forest Map, this boss right after it's barrage-wolf attack it'll start transforming into 2nd form(wolf) and only it's 2nd form able to inflicted bleed damage, so try to run away during that phase untill he turn back into human again then kill it. Well of course you can kill it before it can even turn.
  • Hephaeus, The Hammer - Tier13 Ghetto Map, every 5 seconds he will start enraged for 10seconds then repeats again. To complete this challenge you have to lay your last hit during it's enrage buff.

OVERALL: Normal, these challenges are pretty straight forward but some of it kinda tricky, just make the boss fight even more harder to challenge. If can't do this just try to ask experienced players for help, then should be easy to complete this

20. Complete Endgame Grinds (36/40)

  • Reach Level 100 This is gonna be hardest of the rest challenges. If your build not very end game or dying often ... highly recommended to skip this.
  • Reach Depth Level 600 in your Mine Reaching depth level 300 above is much harder than t16 map because of the ridiculous amount of map modifiers, but u still can party up with end game build player to help go this deep.
Depth Monster Level Base Sulphite Cost Darkness Resist Light Radius
600 83 802 -603 -603
  • Kill 80 any of the Shaper's Guardians These bosses are the shaper's guardian which locate at the middle of the atlas map guarding the shaper's realm, just click the LINKs above to learn their fight mechanics. These bosses require a very end game build to defeat them, could just try doing these map in white rarity for easier fight, or just call for a party to help killing these map as you supplying the map for them.
  • Kill 120 any of the Elder's Guardians This is part of new core mechanic of 3.1 expansion. They spawn quite often when there's enough elder's influence in your atlas. There always 4 type of guardians spawn together with The Elder in the influence area, which also means that you only need to beat 30 times of influence phases. Kinda. RNG dependent to do this, and if you're bad with this RNG then you got have to stick with farming shaper's guardians.
  • Open 500 Chests at the end of the Endgame Labyrinth 500 is a lot of number but is by chest counts, which actually sound a lot better than 100 in the old league(bestiary). How? Each time you run a labyrinth will have guarantee to get at least 6 or 7 keys(3 from fully buffed Izaro, 2 from Curious Lockboxes behind gauntlet or puzzle, 1 from Argus, and last 1 from Darkshrine chances), so if you found an easy izaro with short layout labyrinth day, can farm a complete 6keys then you only need to do 500/6= 84 times! And if you're lucky to get another 2 keys at the of the labyrinth treasure chest, then you can decrease the amount u need to do even more by 500/8= 63 times!! Not even included another key from darkshrine yet! =D


The above is about the guide and introduction of the delve alliance. Hope that these can help you! And, if you need a reliable PoE Currency or PoE Items seller to help you level up, Poecurrencybuy.com will be your best choice. 

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