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POE 3.5 Betrayal Simple Guide - Safehouse and Syndicate

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POE 3.5 Betrayal Builds

Betrayal has been released for some days and many players have explored the game deeply. But still some players don' t know the practical meaning of Syndicate. For this Poecurrencybuy write the concise POE 3.5 Betrayal Guide to help you blend in the new league.

POE 3.5 Betrayal Simple Guide - Safehouse and Syndicate


Before learning the core-mechanic in Betrayal, we should firstly know the two core element: Safehouse and Syndicate menmbers.


In Betrayal, you can unlock four types of safehouses, which are Transportation,Fortification,Research,Intervention widdershins. They are shown by red circle or square.

POE 3.5 Betrayal Simple Guide Safehouse

  • Transportation – Chasing down some transport convoy and taking out its guards.
  • Fortification – Attacking a fortified structure and trying to kill the leader.
  • Research – Racing to the inner-most area of the Safehouse and stopping the leader from destroying vital intelligence.
  • Intervention – A random Assassin has been sent against you, this will happen periodically as you make progress.

The way to unlock the Safehouses is to build up 100 intelligence for each Safehouse. To obtain these intelligence, you need to defeat syndicate members in corresponding areas, and interrogate them. You can get a few intelligence in every interrogation. The high rank the member is, the more intelligence you can get.

  • Unranked: Rank 0 – Interrogate: Grants 3 total Intelligence for any Division (Random)
  • Sergeant: Rank I – Interrogate: Grants 9 total Intelligence for their Division
  • Lieutenant: Rank II – Interrogate: Grants 15 total Intelligence for their Division
  • Captain: Rank III – Interrogate: Grants 21 total Intelligence for their Division

PS. You can interrogate a member 3 times and when the interrogation is over, the member's rank will be degradated.

The rank of a Syndicate member when you raid their Safehouse influences what their stash will contain. This means you'll want to pay attention to the ranks of the best rewards for a given Division.

Syndicate Members

You must find there are some lines between members in the panel. Green lines mean the friendly relationship between 2 members, red antagonism and yellow affiliation. We will introduce how to use thes relationship in detail next.

For example, a trusted member will show up to aid their friend in battle, meaning more loot for you and a hated member will aid you, making the fight easier..

Besides, the rank of a Syndicate member when you raid their Safehouse influences what their stash will contain. When the rank of the member is 1 star, you can check the corresponding rewards below its avatar. Some are currency and some are equipments making in a limited time.( You will be provided free curency for your equipments. The finished equipments can be taken out, but currency cannot.) Not every member will give a good reward to you. It is interesting of making right choice among mambers. So careful planning and placing of Syndicate members into certain divisions with corresponding ranks can help get you the rewards you want.

If you want get the top rewards of certain safehouse, you must pay attention to its highest rank leader, whose rewards showed below its avatar will influence the final result. You should consider carefully how to upgrade your favorite members.

How to upgrade syndicate members?

Once you've taken out a Syndicate member. you have four options available

POE 3.5 Betrayal Simple Guide Syndicate

  • Interrogate – You may get a few of intelligence by interrogating members, but their rank will be degraded! You can interrogate 3 members at the same time.
  • Bargain – When you're up against a sole Syndicate fighter and you've subdued them, bargaining would be a viable option. It can lead to a random result such as changing character relationships in the Immortal Syndicate panel. Or they can even give you some items.
  • Execute – Killing off the Syndicate member has its own risks and rewards, but beware, they will come back(As you can reborn, syndicate member can aslo do it. It is very fair. Isn't it?). This means they go up a Rank in their Division. Executing a non-allocated member will place them into the faction of the mission that you just completed.
  • Betray – Another option, should you have multiple Syndicate members submitting to you, is to have one of them betray the other. This is only possible if they have a direct relation or one is a subordinate. Betrayal will tend to switch or change the positions of these members (ie. a subordinate would end up becoming higher ranked).

Betrayal league Simple Guide

After learning the relationship of syndicate members, we collate some simple guide for Betrayal League, and you can develop better gameplay based on your understanding.

1. Excute syndicate members and get what they drop, the basic reward. Bargain is the top choice in farming. It's difficult to fight in the beginning, even though you have enough intelligence to unlock the safehouse. Your failure is normal and you cannot defeat a high-rank syndicate member so early. So You need obtain some currency by bargain to help you upgrade.

2. Upgrade syndicate members, beacuse the special reward can be shown with members as least rank Ⅰ. You can cultivate them according to your need. Members with good reward can be upgraded and members with common reward can be excute before rank II to collect intelligence to unlock safehouses.

3. Bargain has some special effects, as it can make some syndicate members jump to other departments and balance the schedule of every department. It is an advanced gameplay and you can ignore it at the beginning.

4. If the intelligence schedule of safehouse is about full but the syndicate leader of the safehouse dose not have a high rank or its reward is not so good, you can wait for some time or promote members with special rewards you want as the leader of the safe house and then you can attack the safehouse. The waiting time will consume part of intelligence, but its influence is not much. 

5. Grow relationships between members. This means that there’s a higher chance of more Syndicate members jumping into fights in Encounters and Safehouses and you can receive more rewards.


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