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POE 3.5 Betrayal Guide - Final Syndicate Boss Fight

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With the release of POE 3.5 Betrayal, many new and old players swarm into the new league. After several days experience, we can say it is the best league of POE this year. So much new content and good improvement make us feel the perseverance of GGG to update the game. Poecurrencybuy pay attention to the news of POE continually, and we find some players have finished their fight with the final boss of Betrayal, which makes us excited. Here we will share the guide of final boss fight with you!

POE 3.5 Betrayal Guide - Final Syndicate Boss Fight


It’s not difficult to fight with final boss. But the boss has several parts of fight and player must keep patient and focus on the state of boss, avoiding reckless attack.


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The first part

After the boss’ dialog, you can begin to fight. In this part, it has only some small skills. One is to summon small skull. With brief stay, these small skulls will fly onto the ground and blast. Another is to summon a big skull from underground, which take up a little space and has an obvious indication. It’s a simple part. When boss has no blood, it will escape, then you will prepare for the next part.


The second part

You need to clear monsters as you often do in safehouse. After you have cleared all monsters, you can come into the door and enter the next stage.


The third part

Here you will go through 4 stages, with signs of little bosses. And I will introduce with 4 parts, from 3.1 to 3.4.


When you enter the map you will find four confined syndicate members and corresponding green crystals in the four corners. We will introduce them later. In this stage, boss has follow skills:

1) The statue in center will take turns to launch shock waves on all sides, and its precursors are obvious. But the shock wave speed is very fast and the space for movement is very limited, so you are easy to be hit, but luckily the damage is not very high. (This skill will become shorter and shorter with the changes of stages)

2) Boss will wave its sickle at 180 degrees and create green fire at a distance of 3-4 positions

3) Boss will wave its sickle at 270 degrees for a wide sweep, about 3 positions away. At this time you need to hide behind Boss to avoid damage.

When the Boss’ blood volume drops to 80%, it will trigger the invincible state, and return to the center. Then it will summon a small number of monsters and untie a syndicate member to attack the player. After the syndicate member is defeated, boss is still invincible. The way to get rid of its invincibility is to stand in the green crystal area corresponding to the syndicate member you just defeated, and let the crystal absorb your soul. After a few seconds, its invincibility will be removed, and the area will become a place where you may lose blood continually. You must come out as soon as possible, and then enter the next stage.


boss has two more skills:

1) It summons the shadow of the sickle, throwing it out on all sides with unnoticeable precursor but it has a short delay

2) Boss will summon self-explosive skulls(dangerous!), which project a large amount of green flame from itself, and after a few seconds, they will become unselectable ones. The self-explosive skulls will automatically track your movement. Once you are overtaken, they may explode and cause moderate damage. Although their speed is not so fast, but because of the large number and small battlefield, it can be regarded as the most dangerous skills of the boss.

Boss blood drops to about 60% will untie another syndicate member. When you defeat the syndicate, boss will return to full blood. You need to go on attack boss until its blood drops to about 60% into the invincible state. Then you need to do according to the above method to remove the invincible.


Boss will not sharpen new skills.(Maybe it has but I do not find). When boss’ blood drops to 40%, it will become invincible state again and untie a new syndicate member. The way to deal it is like 3.1.


Boss’ blood drops to 20% and untie the last syndicate member. After you defeat the syndicate, boss will return full blood again. But this time you can defeat the boss directly!



You may find boss has four repetitive attack stage, with respective stage of 100%, 60%, 40%, 20% blood. Players must focus on the attack stage of boss instead of attacking recklessly

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