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POE 3.6 Synthesis Scion Arakaali's Fang Build - Ascendancy, Interesting, Cheap, Fast, and EndGame

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Arakaali's Fang can 100% chance to Trigger Level 1 Raise Spiders on Kill, An interesting Build can be accomplished using this mechanism, This Scion Build Can complete all maps, not affected by the special affix of the map, endgame without saying anything, low cost, fast map clearing.

Arakaali's Fang Build Core Items and Mechanism

Core Items

  • "Arakaali's Fang Fiend Dagger"
  • Essence for minions (huge improvement)
    Abyss Jewel Affix: Minions deal #% Damage on single-target; Minions have #% increased maximum Life; Minions have #% increased Movement Speed
    Inferiority Affix: Minions deal #% increased Damage (manual, out of invisibility, danger)
    Old Jewels Affix: Minions deal #% increased Damage; Minions have #% increased maximum Life

Core Mechanism

  • 1. How to summon spider quickly and effectively, and deal with the idle time before spider's disappearance?
    The best way is: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl1) - Desecrate (lvl1) - Desecrate (quality) (lvl1) - Orb of Storms (lvl1)
    Method: press the "Doedre's Elixir" and the Writhing Jar at the same time, 18 spiders will be summoned up immediately.
    P.S. one Desecrate with quality is necessary, so that two Desecrate will generate time differences to avoid that a Desecrate is triggered in the same cast time.
  • 2. Aspect of the Cat with 50% reduced Visibility to Enemies + Phase Run 50% reduced Visibility to Enemies help you hide yourself all the way.
    Way 1 - Handover rings to refresh CD of Aspect of the Cat's hiding effect. It's tedious but effective because you needn’t change equipment.
    Way 2 - Main hand + off hand 1 Arakaali's Fang+weapon enchanted by Aspect of the Cat is switched to Main hand + off hand 2 another Arakaali's Fang+weapon enchanted by Aspect of the Cat to refresh CD of Aspect of the Cat's hiding effect. It's easy to do, but lose the damage of combination of Victario's Charity and Necromantic Aegis.
POE 3.6 Scion Arakaali's Fang Build itmes and Skill Gems

Unique Jewels and Important Talents

Intuitive Leap Viridian Jewel

Its socket is shown below. You should allocate the point "Necromantic Aegis" and "Life"

Might of the Meek Crimson Jewel (2 jewels)

They will bring great power for ascendancy to improve themselves. The socket is shown below.

P.S. It's important to put in a right socket.

Scion Arakaali's Fang Build Unique Jewels and Important Talents

Ascendant Skill Tree and Ascendancy Passive Skills

Ascendant Arakaali's Fang Build skill tree

Arakaali's Fang Build Ascendant Passive Skills

Skill Gems Set (all skills without labels are full level)

  • Weapons: Minion Damage - Melee Physical Damage - Melee Splash (Multistrike support for Boss)
  • Shield: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl1) - Immortal Call(lvl1) - Flesh Offering
  • BodyArmour: Victario's Influence (no need 6L) : War Banner, Wrath, Hatred, Haste, Fire Damage 
  • Helmet: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl1) - Desecrate (lvl1) - Desecrate ( quality) (lvl1) -  - Orb of Storms (lvl1) (important to trigger the mechanism)
  • Gloves: Shield Charge - Fortify Support - Culling Strike Support - Faster Attacks Support
  • Boots: portal - Convocation - Morbid Lens Ghastly Eye Jewel - Ancient Sight Ghastly Eye Jewel
  • Belt: Whispering Portent Ghastly Eye Jewel - Morbid Vision Ghastly Eye Jewel

Other Skill Gems 

  • Phase Run- Increase Duration
  • Cast when Damage Taken (lvl1) - Immortal Call(lvl1) - Increase Duration - Flesh Offering
  • Flame Dash - Convocation - Faster Casting

Equipment Set

  • Weapon: "Arakaali's Fang Fiend Dagger" (100% chance to Trigger Level 1 Raise Spiders on Kill) 
  • Shield: "Victario's Charity Laminated Kite Shield" (10% chance to grant a Power Charge to nearby Allies on Kill, 5% chance to grant a Frenzy Charge to nearby Allies on Hit) 
  • BodyArmour(P.S. No need 6L): 
    "Victario's Influence Lacquered Garb" (
    +1 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
    Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 30 Generosity
    Socketed Gems have 30% reduced Mana Reservation)
    (P.S. damage increased will be enlarged with much minions' damage) 
  • Amulet (rare Attributes): Life, Resistance, followed by Item Quantity, Movement Speed; Minions Speed Or "Sidhebreath" Or "Aul's Uprising" Or "Wrath without magic"
  • Rings ( Rare Attributes): Life, Resistance, or Minions Damage
  • Belt: "Darkness Enthroned" with 2 socket for Abyss Jewels, high earnings, 2 Abyss Jewels has the effect of 3
  • Helmet (Rare Attributes): Life, Resistance (helmets with the base of "Bone Helmet" and minions damage are the best.)  "Pandemonium crest bone helmet" (Minions deal (30-40)% increased Damage)
  • Gloves (Rare Attributes): Life, Resistance ( enchanted by Word of Reflection)
  • Boots (Rare Attributes): Life, Resistance, Movement Speed


  • Life Flask: Recover, Remove bleeding
  • Stibnite Flask: Increase Duration, Remove Curse and Frozen
  • Movement Speed Flask: Alchemist, Nature's Adrenaline
  • Special Flask: "Doedre's Elixir Greater Mana Flask", "The Writhing Jar Hallowed Hybrid Flask"

Arakaali's Fang Build-itmes(attributes) and Important affixes

Bandits: Kill all

The Pantheon

Soul of the brine king major god

Arakaali's Fang Build The Pantheon System

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