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[POE 3.6 Witch] Best Synthesis Vortex Occultist Build (PC,PS4,Xbox) - Cheap, Fast Mapping, Endgame

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This build is capable of to do all content with a very cheap gear and there are options for upgrades. You can killed all end game bosses with a low budget gear. The build is also very strong.

[POE 3.6 Witch] Best Synthesis Vortex Occultist Build (PC,PS4,Xbox) - Cheap, Fast Mapping, Endgame


Quick Jump


Pros & Cons


  • + Cheap
  • + Good map clear
  • + Tanky
  • + Immune to Stun, Chill and Freeze
  • + Can do most of map mods (only expcetion is No Life/ES Regen and Elemental Reflect mods)


  • - Using Flame Dash is not the best movement skill but the Quicksilver Flask helps on that.
  • - Some endgame items can be more expensive cause Cold Damage Over time builds are a bit hyped.
  • - Less recovery rate map mod is not so good.


Skill Tree


  • Wicked Ward
  • Vile Bastion
  • Void Beacon
  • Frigid Wake


Kill All 


The Pantheon List

  • Major God: Soul of Arakaali.
  • Minor God: Soul of Abberath

Passive Tree

POE 3.6 Synthesis Witch Vortex Occultist Passive Skill Tree


Gems Setup

Frost BombWEAPON: Frost Bomb + Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Duration

VortexBODY ARMOUR: Vortex + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + Hypothermia + Swift Affliction

Cast When DamageBOOTS: Cast When Damage Taken + Storm Brand + Increased Critical Strikes Support + Frostbite or Enfeeble

Storm Brand level 8. CWDT level 1 Increased Critical Strike level 20 and Enfeeble/Frostbite level 5.

Cold SnapHELMET: Vaal Cold Snap + Efficacy + Bonechill Support + Controlled Destruction

GLOVES: Malevolence Aura + Clarity + Enlighten + Discipline

SHIELD: Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Arcane Surge(Level 7)



Move the mouse on the bold poe equipment to see needed mod

Cheap For Leveling

POE 3.6 Synthesis Witch Vortex Occultist Gear

Spine of the First Claimant, Fossilised Spirit Shield, Vaal Regalia, Rime Gaze, Bated Breath, Sorcerer Boots, Moonstone Ring, Two-Stone Ring, Arcanist Gloves


High ES Vaal Regalia 6 links

Crafted Belt (Stygian or Crystal Belt) with Dense + Frigid Fossils. The best belt should have Increased #% Energy Shield From Body Armour and #% Increased Cold Damage but the mod from Dense Fossil is the best and more important.

The best weapon is an Opal Sceptre with Tier 1 (38%) Cold Damage Over Time Multiplier and multimod it with Increased Over Time Damage + Increased Spell Damage + Cast Speed + Increased Cold Damage.

High ES Titanium Spirit Shield + Spell Damage or Increased Cold Damage and resists.

Shaper Citrine Amulet with #% to Cold Damage Over Time Multiplier + Flat Energy shield with open Prefix for #% Increased Maximum Energy Shield. Level 22 Discipline is a plus.

Flask: Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline, Witchfire Brew, Ample Quartz Flask of Staunching, Chemist's Jade Flask of Warding, Experimenter's Sulphur Flask of Warding

For Endgame Bosses you can use these unique flasks to boost your dps:

The Wise Oak

+35% to all Elemental Resistances
During Flask Effect, 10% reduced Damage taken of each Element for which your Uncapped Elemental Resistance is lowest
During Flask Effect, Damage Penetrates 13% Resistance of each Element for which your Uncapped Elemental Resistance is highest

Cinderswallow Urn

Recharges 1 Charge when you consume an Ignited Corpse
Enemies Ignited by you during Flask Effect take 10% increased Damage
Recover 1% of Life when you Kill an Enemy during Flask Effect
Recover 1% of Mana when you Kill an Enemy during Flask Effect
Recover 1% of Energy Shield when you Kill an Enemy during Flask Effect
78% increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect

The best option for Cinderswallow is the 3% of Life Regenerated per second during Flask Effect

Unique Jewels

#% Faster Start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline

Watcher's Eye

5% increased maximum Energy Shield
5% increased maximum Life
6% increased maximum Mana
35% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline
104.7 Life Regenerated per Second while affected by Vitality

Conqueror's Efficiency

3% reduced Mana Cost of Skills
4% increased Skill Effect Duration
2% reduced Mana Reserved

Stats you should look for in a jewel

  • #% to Cold Damage Over Time Multiplier
  • #% Faster Start of Energy Shield Recharge
  • #% Increased Maximum Energy Shield
  • #% Increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate
  • #% Increased Cold Damage
  • #% Increased Spell Damage
  • #% Increased Area Damage


Leveling Guide

The leveling of this build can be a bit complicated because you gotta start using life then you'll be Hybrid (Life + ES) and finally you'll get CI (Chaos Inoculation). If you like to start using the build skills as soon as possible you can start using Freezing Pulse + Arcane Surge and Added Cold Damage (a bit later) until level 12 and then you can use Arctic Breath (That will not be used at the end but you can use that just for now to see how Cold Damage over Time works). Level 16 you can use Cold Snap (Buy the Vaal Cold Snap).

In the act 2 you can get Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ice if you're confortable with 50% of mana reservation.
For the Cold Snap and Arctic Breath you'll get Controlled Destruction and Elemental Focus. If you have a tabula you can use both skills on it and link Concentrated Effect, Added Cold Damage or Faster Casting

In the act 3, at level 28 you'll get Vortex and replace Arctic Breath. You will also get Hypothermia, Efficacy and Swift Affliction.

If you're using 4 links at this point you should use:

1. Vortex + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus or Hyporthermia.

The gem you didn't use above (Elemental Focus or Hypothermia) will be your 5th link and Swift Affliction is your 6th link on Vortex.

2. Cold Snap + Efficacy + Controlled Destructiont or Hypothermia.

In the act 4 you'll swap Controlled Destruction for Bonechill.

After that just go through the acts and follow the gem setups shown in the Skill Gems section.


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/9xvYNGXn

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