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PoE 3.7 Duelist Starter Builds

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With the release of PoE 3.7, Poecurrencybuy has carefully selected some poe 3.7 duelist starter builds for players, including Slayer, Gladiator, Champion. Whether you are a new player to the game or an experienced player, you can find the guide you want in here, even cheap poe currency.

PoE 3.7 Duelist Starter Builds


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Duelist Champion Builds

[3.7] Duelist Herald of Agony Summon Champion Build

[3.7] Sidefx Frost Blades CHAMPION varient (strongest by far) Great League starter!

[3.7] g00fy_goober's Physical Reave/Bflurry Champion(Easily Clear All Content)


PoE 3.7 Duelist Herald of Agony Summon Champion Build

It really is awesome being able to do any map mod. The videos section includes a no leech/no regen chimera & deathless uber elder



  • 7-8k Life
  • 9.8% life regen per second
  • Stun Immune
  • Life gain on hit + 6 attacks per second
  • Fortify
  • 6% less damage taken from Conqueror notable


  • 62% Attack avoidance from Dodge + Evade
  • 84% Attack avoidance with Flask + blind
  • 45% Spell dodge
  • 66% Spell dodge with flask + taken a hit recently


Gems Setup

Herald of Agony - Damage on Full Life Support - Minion Damage Support - Physical to Lightning Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support - Elemental Damage with Attacks Support show
These were chosen for maximum damage. Pierce is tempting as it improves clear but at the loss of 23% damage and we get free pierce from our curse. Minion speed is trash, good leveling gem but gives no damage and minion speed can be gained from gear/jewels more efficiently then a gem slot

Rain of Arrows - Poison Support - Life Gain on Hit Support - Curse On Hit Support - Projectile Weakness show
Poison to bring our chance up to 80% and life gain on hit to keep us alive. The curse gives really good damage and adds pierce which is essential for clear. We need to tag packs anyway to apply all our damage boosts. Level 1 rain of arrows has lower mana cost making it easier to run no regen maps

Cast when Damage Taken Support - Immortal Call - Flesh Offering - Increased Duration Support show
CWDT setup. Immortal call and flesh offering are good

Generosity Support - Hatred - Blink Arrow show
Hatred with generosity is about 50% more after EE is applied, very worth. Blink arrow crosses gaps

Phase Run - Increased Duration Support - Convocation show
Phase run keeps us speedy for clearing. Convocation is for when crawler needs to hop a ledge or gets stuck on a corner


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/D2upfxjz



[3.7] Sidefx Frost Blades CHAMPION varient (strongest by far) Great League starter!


  • + High dps
  • + Super fast map clear
  • + Crazy tanky esp for 5k hp
  • - Cant run ele reflect map
  • - Lower hp until you get some levels 



This build focuses on high attack speed to unleash a series of projectiles high crit chance and amazing attack speed in a almost 360 radius around you , killing everything that dares come close.

The weapon range increases with each level of Frost Blades , so even if it is a melee skill , with good positioning , you will be out of harms way most of the times you`re in a fight.
It is a full Elemental build at 100% cold conversion , dealing no physical damage , therefore physical reflect mods will not affect you.

Clear speed wise , whilst not competing with Vaal builds , it is faster than most builds out there and somewhat cheaper.

Just a 4-Link setup can get you up to T10 maps if you`re careful.

This is a Softcore build. If you want to play Hardcore , just make sure you pick more Life nodes rather than Damage nodes.


6-Link Setup

Frost Blades -> Weapon Ele Dmg -> Multistrike -> Ancestral Call/Ruthless -> Hypothermia -> Melee Physical
In 5l you sub out Hypothermia ( NO ICE BITE IS NOT BETTER) AOE/Trash use Ancestral Call - Bosses Sub in Ruthless

4-Link Setups

  • Herald of Ice -> Hatred -> Enlighten (4 VERY IMPORTANT work around below!) –> Herald of Purity
  • Vaal Ancestral Warchief -> Melee Physical Damage -> Blood Rage –> Summon Ice Golem

3-Link Setups

  • Whirling Blades -> Faster attacks –> Blood Magic
  • Cast When Damage Taken (Lv1) -> Immortal Call (Lv3) -> Vaal Haste (Lv it to max only used for the Vaal)

2-Link Setup

Orb of Storms -> Power Charge On Critical


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/JrUExkkb

More Details: poeurl.com/cofK



[3.7] g00fy_goober's Physical Reave/Bflurry Champion(Easily Clear All Content)


  • + Very fun and engaging build to play
  • + Demonic Reave MTX looks sweet
  • + Very fast pace build
  • + Incredible movement speed with whirling blades
  • + Very decent aoe clear
  • + One of the best single target dmg gems in the game
  • + Great evasion/dodge/dmg reduction
  • + Free 100% accuracy with ascendancy class
  • + Free fortify on 100% of time
  • + Stun immune
  • + Can do almost all map mods (avoid any reflect phys OR ele)
  • + Able to do all content (all maps, uber atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians, elder, uber elder)
  • + Amazing defensive capabilities
  • + Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency
  • - Ele Reflect OR Phys Reflect maps are NOT possible
  • - Can not leech maps are NOT possible
  • - Can be pretty expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear


Gems Setup

Helmet 4L setup for Vaal reave: Vaal Reave - Multistrike - Melee Phys Dmg - Ruthless (run increased aoe instead of ruthless if you don't have from a rare shaped helm yet)

Body Armor 4L setup for blade flurry: Blade Flurry - Melee Phys Dmg - Maim - Conc Effect

5L Hypothermia

6L Inc Crit Damage


3L Setup: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic

3L Setup: CWDT (lvl 1) - Immortal Call (lvl 3) - Increased Duration

4L Setup: Hatred - Herald of Purity - Herald of Ash - Enlighten 3 (4 is better if you can afford)

2L Setup: Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Blood Rage/Portal


Passive Tree41 Point -> 63 Point -> 87 Point -> Final


Quick Leveling Guide 

- Cleave can be used to level the entire way until level 38 when you get multistrike. 4 Link it when you can with onslaught, melee physical damage, and Maim.

- Set up a 4 link Blade flurry for single target with melee phys dmg, conc effect, ele dmg with attacks.

- Use any 1 hand rare weapon with the most flat phys dmg on it. Crit/Attack speed don't matter much at this point though I hate slow weapons personally. Base does not matter at all here either. Claws, Swords, Daggers w/e is fine while EARLY leveling. Once you need leech, you need to have a claw for soul raker passive.

- Use ornament of the east claw as soon as you can and upgrade to bloodseeker claw as soon as you can after that.

- For armor pieces (helm/chest/boots/gloves etc) just try to get a good amount of res and any life you can. The normal Tabula/Goldrim/Wanderlusts always work.

- Use a mana flask until your mana leech is good enough to sustain your skill. Especially for boss fights in which you will run out of mana quickly.

- If it is not the start of a league elreon jewelry while leveling is wonderful. Along with your normal leveling uniques such as: Goldrim, wanderlust, tabula etc.


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/FyT2nzQ7

More Details: poeurl.com/cofN



Duelist Gladiator Builds

[3.7] Blade Flurry Duelist Gladiator Endgame Build

[3.7] Duelist Agony Cyclone Gladiator Endgame Build

[3.7] Lacerate Duelist Gladiator Endgame Build


PoE 3.7 Blade Flurry Duelist Gladiator Endgame Build

  • + All content viable
  • + Good DPS (up to 5,5+ shaper DPS)
  • + 75% block&spell block chance (79% while mapping)
  • + Toughness build
  • + Hardcore viable
  • - Expensive
  • - Can't run elemental reflect maps
  • - Can't run no leech maps
  • - Melee
  • - DoT is our weakness


Gems Setup

Chest: Blade Flurry -> Melee Physical Damage -> Elemental Damage with Attacks -> Physical to Lightning -> Elemental Focus -> Increased Area of Effect

          'Concentrated Effect' Replace with Concentrated gem for boss fight

          'Reave' 'Multistrike Support' Replace it with Blade Flurry and Melee Physical Damage for delve

Helmet: Shield Charge -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify -> Blood Magic

           You can replace with Whirling Blades if you like this skill instead of Shield Charge

Weapon: Ancestral Protector -> Culling Strike -> Blood Rage

           Frost bomb give -25% to Cold Resistance to enemy

Gloves/Boots: Haste -> Enduring Cry , Herald of Purity -> Hatred

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/2QfgThXK



PoE 3.7 Duelist Agony Cyclone Gladiator Endgame Build


  • + Can do all map mods & content
  • + You are immortal 83% of the time!
  • + Works well on a budget
  • - A bit weak to Degen damage
  • - Not the fastest mapper
  • - Getting all the corruptions can be hard/expensive



Lead the way for your Agony Crawler by going through packs and see how your personal Artillery Cannon blasts everything around you. Use Abyssal Cry when it's off cool down, and Tempest Shield and Convocation every now and then. The crawler is immortal and you are not far behind yourself.


Gems Setup

Body: Herald of Agony - Pierce - Damage on Full Life - Minion Speed / Minion Damage + Vicious Projectiles + Vile Toxins (45-50% more dmg) / Maim / Empower 4 / Added Chaos

Getting 5 Off-colours on the Calamity can be hard, which is why I've included multiple alternatives for the 6th link.

Gloves: Cyclone - Life Gain on Hit - Fortify - Withering Touch - Faster Attacks - Poison

Note that I get 2 links from my gloves. Poison is a REQUIRED gem so if you don't have the gloves then you need to socket it. Lesser Poison is also a good option until you get an extra 20% chance to poison from gear or jewels.

Boots: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1) - Desecrate (lvl 7) - Spirit Offering (lvl 8) - Convocation (must be lvl 6 or above) / Increased Duration

For mapping, recommend Convocation instead of Increased Duration as Proximity Shield mobs will be very annoying otherwise. I Sometimes recolour my boots for Increased Duration when doing Über Elder.

Helmet: Tempest Shield - Curse on Hit - Temporal Chains - Culling Strike

Here you can experiment if you like. I love Temporal Chains but the only thing that's required is really the Tempest Shield. Abyssal Cry is also a valid contender here, especially if you pick up the instant cast warcry cluster.

Weapon: Herald of Purity - Withering Touch - Minion Damage - Maim - Faster Attacks - Melee Splash

Shield: Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic

If you don't use a Curse + Culling setup then you can use the helmet 4L for Shield Charge and throw in Fortify.

Ring: Hatred

The medium budget build will use Determination here instead to get the watcher's eye block. If you want to run Elemental Equilibrium then you want to link Hatred with Generosity, so you doesn't give the enemies +25% to cold resist. 


Path of Building:

PoB - Recommended High Budget (lvl 95): https://pastebin.com/shpAcf5T (~1.75m dps, 6.7k Life)

PoB - Low Budget / HC (lvl 90): https://pastebin.com/iWDNaDVx (~390k dps, 7k Life)

PoB - BiS Super High Budget (lvl 100): https://pastebin.com/5xf1pUKZ (~2.4m dps, 8k life)



[3.7] Lacerate Duelist Gladiator Endgame Build


  • + Can do all content
  • + Budget
  • + Good survivability (Alot of Evasion/nice armor/a lot of damage reduction)
  • + Solid clearspeed (Reave looks like top tier, Double Strike a bit slower)
  • + Using crazy mechanics
  • + Great Lab Farmer
  • + Bleed it's main dps source but we still hit hard :) 
  • - Hard to Check real DPS (even PoB don't calculate Crimson Dance and Bleed properly)
  • - It's Still evasion build, you can get occasional one hit on crazy map mode.
  • - Maddening Presence visual effect (great buff but i hate that circle).


Gems Setup

Lacerate / Double Strike (6 link)

Main Skill -> Rage -> Multistrike -> Brutality -> Melee Physical Damage/Fortify -> Ruthless

Auras/Buffs (4 link*)

1. Grace 50% (when you set up a dreamfather, you do not need it before

2. Blood and Sand 10% - (necessary to change stance)

3. Herald of Purity 25%

4. Vulnerability Curse Aura – Free (when we have Impresence Amulet)

Blasphemy Support + Vulnerability - Blood and Sand - Herald of Purity as 4 link. Grace will be placed in utility with Increased Duration to extend the time of Vaal Grace.

Movement (4 link*)

Whirling Blades/Leap Slam - Faster Attack - Fortify - Blood Magic

Free slot if you use Fortify in your main skill

CWDT Setup (3 link)

CWDT - Vaal Immortal Call/Vaal Molten Shell/Steelskin - Summon Flame Golem

I use maks lvl of gems for CWDT

Utility (4 link)

Blood Rage - Increased Duration - Phase Run - Vaal Grace

Blood Rage for Attack Speed and extra Leech.

Phase Run, additional dmg, speed and pass through enemy, We easily generate frenzy charge, thanks to that the buff lasts long when we use it at full charges.

Vaal Grace for additional defense

Utility 2 (3 link)

Berserk - Ancestral Protector


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/tR7L06t9


Duelist Slayer Builds

[3.7] The Bringer of Leech (4/27/19 UPDATE) League Starter - Budget - New Player Friendly!

[3.7] Cyclone Slayer Duelist Fast Build


[3.7] The Bringer of Leech (4/27/19 UPDATE) League Starter - Budget - New Player Friendly!

Final Gems Setup

- In Bringer of Rain: Blade Flurry - Maim - Infused Channeling - Increased AOE/Conc Effect

- In 3 link weapon: Herald Of Ash - Hatred - War Banner

- In 3 link weapon: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

- In boots or gloves: Ancestral Protector - Lightning Golem (or Flame Golem) - Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 13) - Punishment (lvl 16)

- In boots or gloves: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 13) - Blood Rage (lvl 16) - Phase Run (lvl 15)-Immortal Call (lvl 15)

Another option you can go with if you want to spam Whirling Blades without having mana issues, you can drop the golem:

In boots or gloves put: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

- In a 3 link put: Ancestral Protector - CWDT (lvl 13) - Punishment (lvl 16)

*Important Quality of Life: When you click to assign Whirling Blades to a key, there is an option to make it "attack without moving" This will make your movement skill much easier to use! Trust me! 


Path of Building:https://pastebin.com/xieDD0rs

1. 2 Required uniques: Bringer of Rain & Bloodseeker. Both Are Cheap and BIS. Never need to upgrade these two items!

2. On practically no investment you can complete Uber Lab and any tier map + most map mods.

3. Use your currency to fill out atlas and fund your next build or with 2-3 ex investment you can farm Guardians, Shaper and Elder.

4. Tanky! should only die to one-shots. 6 pieces of rare gear to stack health + over 200% increased life from tree!

5. TONS of potential to min/max if you wanna pump currency into it. Upgrades are relatively cheap, since we have so many pieces of rare gear we can shop for 2 mid-high rolled resists on each and focus more on high life and phys damage rolls. Gear really doesn't get stupid expensive until you need 3 res, life and phys dmg with all high rolls. 

More Details:poeurl.com/cofP



PoE 3.7 Cyclone Slayer Duelist Fast Build

  • + Endless Hunger from Slayer tree provide leech effect similar to Atziri's Acuity Gloves
  • + You will be able to clear Uber Lab by level 75
  • + You are immune to bleed and stun during fights
  • + You have 20% culling strike, effectively lowering boss health by 20%
  • + Very fast clearing speed due to high AOE radius
  • + High life regen making it easy to handle traps in Uber lab
  • - Leveling to level 55 could be a chore but from there onward it is a breeze
  • - Elemental reflect can still be an issue (use ruby flask when you run into elemental reflect and you should be fine)
  • - Can't do no life no mana leech map


Passive Tree

Skill Tree - Level 25

With Xoph's Blood

Skill Tree - Level 55

If you do not own Xoph's Blood amulet, you can consider running the following skill tree:


Weapons that you can use to get to level 55:

Limbsplit show
+1 to Level of Socketed Strength Gems
90% increased Physical Damage
Adds 5 to 10 Physical Damage
+20 to Strength
Culling Strike

Reaper's Pursuit show
108% increased Physical Damage
30% increased Rarity of Items found
+10 Life gained on Kill
15% increased Movement Speed when on Full Life
Culling Strike
Hits can't be Evaded

The Blood Reaper show
106% increased Physical Damage
+100 to maximum Life
10 Life Regenerated per second
1% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
50% increased Mana Cost of Skills
50% chance to cause Bleeding on Hit

From Level 1 to Level 12

Molten Strike, Onslaught Support, Lesser Poison Support

At Level 12

You can switch Molten Strike to Sunder

From Level 18 to 38

Sunder, Faster Attacks Support, Melee Physical Damage Support

From Level 38 to 55

Sunder, Multistrike Support, Melee Physical Damage Support

At level 28, you can start using Ancestral Warchief:

Faster Attacks Support, Ancestral Warchief, Melee Physical Damage Support

Remember to socket Cyclone gem into alternate weapon and level it at the same time when you reach level 28.

Jewelries you can use to manage your mana:

Praxis show
+21 to maximum Mana
+56 to maximum Mana
3.7 Mana Regenerated per second
-8 to Total Mana Cost of Skills
8% of Damage taken gained as Mana over 4 seconds when Hit

Elreon's Turquoise Amulet show
+23 to Dexterity and Intelligence
-8 to Total Mana Cost of Skills

Elreon's Diamond Ring show
28% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
-7 to Total Mana Cost of Skills

Skills you can use to manage your mana: Blasphemy Support, Warlord's Mark


Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/UCP8sRNG


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