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Poe Currency Stash Tab for mass dumping of small items

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Currency Stash tabs poe tabs for mass dumping of small items - Instead of taking the time to look at every rare ring, amulet or jewel you can just identify them and throw them in a tab for Currency Stash.


It's probably not the fastest or most efficient but this is how I loot and handle the loot:

I pick up:
Maps of the tiers that I'm running and the good maps of lower tiers (for later characters to run)
Most poe currency+essence+divination, leave most transmutes, augments, scrolls, scraps unless they are right at my feet.
The best bases + all jewelry
I often end up identifying and dropping a few bases inside the map to make room for the last items but I almost never get out of the map to vendor.
I go to the vendor, sell everything that I don't want to keep, dump everything else in dump tabs. (including items that I need to price)
After 1-2 hours of mapping I clean out the dump tabs and price the few valuable items that I found.
It actually feels very rewarding to clean out a dump tab because you see that you are actually finding a lot of currency + random valuable items, essences, divination cards. Even though it doesn't feel like it while mapping.


Poe Currency Stash Tab for mass dumping of small items

Most of the time you'll just be selling low value rings, jewels and amulets to someone who needed those specific stats for their build.

If you're too lazy to purge the Poe Currency Stash Tab and have a lot of stash tabs, you can just keep adding more of them. After a while it can get difficult to find a specific item in 10+ Poe Currency Stash Tab. To make this easier, you can manually name these tabs whatever you like, and then put "~b/o 5 chaos" at the end of the name. They'll look like individually priced tabs to you, but the items will be listed for 5c, and you can now use a naming scheme that lets you find the right tab faster based on the whispers you get.

If you're not comfortable with the 5c tab, one alternative is to just make it a public unpriced tab so people can make offers on those items instead.

If you get multiple whispers for an item within a couple of seconds, it usually means that it's valuable enough for people to have livesearches set up for it. You should take a look at it, and maybe move it to the individually priced tab. Never change the price if you've already invited someone to your party to do a trade. Additionally, if you determine that an item is probably just worth slightly more than 5c, you might as well just give it to them for 5c to avoid wasting time. I know this is a controversial topic, so I implore you to use your best judgment and err on the side of brodeals rather than repricing. I can honestly only remember having repriced these items two times during Breach League.

Pick either the first or the last one of your Poe Currency Stash Tab for just storing uniques and other random stuff that is worth 5c or slightly less than 5c, as well as 10+ quality gems that you can vendor for the GCP recipe if they don't sell.

Depending on how many stash tabs you have you can organize these Poe Currency Stash Tab by item type if you wish, but bear in mind that even scrolling to multiple tabs to dump your stuff has an opportunity cost, so being too organized might actually waste time instead of saving it.

When one of these tabs has been full for a while you can just sell all of it to a vendor and start over. How long you wait between these purges depends on your amount of tabs and your personal opinion.

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