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The Drops With 1210 Maps

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How do you guys feel with 1210 maps drop if you use an MF Deadeye build? I think this would be really hard to say when you getting into 1210 maps, you must want to get more PoE Currency with MF build, but what if there are not so many drops?


Numerous people are commenting on how poorly optimised my MF build was. It might not happen to be min/maxed at all, however, it is expensive under most to put together and in line with the rate of returns I had been getting, I saw pointless to take a position further into the character.


The Drops With 1210 Maps


Hi all, I figured this can be vaguely interesting to anybody considering carrying out a standard Tornado Shot MF Deadeye. No chaos/hour or spreadsheets, just a summary of the notable drops and stuff that happened during Headhunter farming (in no particular order). My MF build is made possible because of some lucky drops during week 1 (Esh's Mirror in the first breach of the league!) which jump-began the build.


Lycosidae - 2


Laviangar's Spirit


Taste of Hate (perfect roll)


To Dust Jewel


Inspired Learning Jewel - 2


Pure Talent Jewel - 2


Wise Oak


Tabula - 4




Inpulsa's Broken Heart


Belly of the Beast


Queen of the Forest - 2


Primordial Might Jewel


Chin Sol - 3 (two with perfect IPD)


Poet's Pen - 2


Piscator Wands - 3


Starkonja's Head - 1,376,189


Frostferno* (EDIT, not a Frostferno, not so salty now haha. See below)


Ventor's Gamble - 2 (trash ones sadly)


Tinkerskin - 2


2.4 Loreweave in rings


Exalted Orbs - 15


Doctor Cards - 8 (5 in the map and 3 from Incursion loot drops)


Fusings - 4000(is) - 1882 of which went into the Inpulsa (before it became cheap) and I then rage vendor it...


Six white socket Windripper in the Temple


There are lots of other valuable rares that we offered, mainly popular glove base types and jewels. Even in the low item level, you will get some very good stuff, therefore, it is worth from time to time obtaining the odd factor once in a while. I did not spend over our limits time prices anything. All jewellery I selected up got in regards to a 1 second glance after which dumped right into a buyout 5c quad tab. Once which was full I vendor the left half when it's full again I vedor the best half. Something that was able to catch my attention in 1 second to be more vital than 5c had a proper price but nothing significant left T3 zone. I stored about 4 rings personally that have been decent.


Overall I can not complain about 1210 maps. Was certainly within expectations. I did not really Doable. It had not been a league goal in the beginning. When you are performing my maps for that Atlas Used to do Funeral Chambers first in my T3s so that as I'd a couple of these made the decision to simply run these to obtain Relic Chambers before getting to the following T3. Wound up (with the aid of the Temple map room) sustaining Funeral Chambers - I figured 'hey I'll just run them until they go out to find out if a Physician card drops, however, the maps never ran out... Didn't have cards within this time, however, I made the decision to possess a real go at obtaining the Headhunter at map 200 so levelled a brand new character for this and purchased the conventional MF gear.


I didn't get the Frostferno ... It dropped and that I did not understand what it had been. I visited get it and my inventory was full and so I ported to obvious space but because of being automatically mode I loaded within the next map! It had been merely a week approximately later I saw a publish here of somebody revealing a corruption of the Frostferno which I looked it to POE trade and saw prices beginning for non-corrupted ones at 2-3 exalts orb


Gear info


I had been running  77 IIQ (base) using the additional conditional IIQ in the Windripper on the top of this and  18 IIQ from Goldwurms. I chopped and altered between Shavrone's Pace and Goldwurms when I needed more speed more often than not. I'd say 50/50 time spent with every boot on.


IIR was around  130 (base) having a boost on the top of this in the Rampage on Bisco's Leash. 


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