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Top 5 Builds for PoE August Flashback Event

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Incursion league is going to an end very quickly, GGG has already announced that Incursion Flashback Event will begin on 4th August, so it's the right time to prepare some builds for the coming Flashback Event, this time, PoecurrencyBuy will share 5 builds that most of the players would like to have a try in PoE August Flashback.


Top 5 Builds for PoE August Flashback Event


1. [PoE Flashback] Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist


3.3 changes

Blade Vortex has been reworked:


Now has 35% increased hit rate for each blade (up from 10%).

Now deals 35% more damage with hits and ailments for each blade (up from 30% for hits and 20% for ailments).

Now has 10% increased critical strike chance for each blade.

Now has a limit of 10 active spinning blades (down from 20).


This change means that Spell Echo is no longer required and can be replaced with a damage support. Huge buff.



+  Good league starter, SSF is possible

+  Good clear speed 

+  Guardian map clear

+  Good single target damage

+  Pretty tanky



-  Blade vortex mechanics may feel clunky to some

-  Have to be in melee range to deal damage


Skill tree, Bandits, Pantheon

There are several possible variations of the tree:


Single duration cluster tree with Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics (level 91): www.poeurl.com/bX99


Balanced tree that utilizes Acrobatics as an extra defensive layer. Recommended if you prioritize defense. PoB: https://pastebin.com/PJw81WeY


Single duration cluster tree focusing on life and damage (level 91): www.poeurl.com/bYdW


206% elevated existence and roughly 10% more damage when compared with other trees. Make use of this version should you prioritize single target damage and endgame bossing. PoB: https://pastebin.com/U0rw5uKC


Two duration clusters tree (level 92): www.poeurl.com/bYeh


Two duration clusters version is much more relaxed and comfy to experience. Still, lots of damage - enough to complete all content, 50% elevated existence recovery from flasks, use of resist nodes makes gearing a little simpler, arcane surge and Vaal Blade Vortex keep going longer. Suggested for brand new players. Also, do this tree if blade vortex feels too clunky with only just one duration cluster. You are able to eventually respec right into a single duration cluster version once you have the elevated BV duration helmet enchant. PoB: https://pastebin.com/1cSdUxMJ


Bandits: Help Alira.

Crit multiplier, resists, mana regen - the lot, everything is used for this build.




Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin




Major: Brine King (prevents stunlocks)

Minor: Gruthkul (phys damage reduction) or Shakari (poison immunity)




Simply continue spinning and whirling blade into packs while popping flasks. Everything will get chilled, shocked and frozen after which just explodes.


How to handle tough map mods:

Elemental reflect - can't do, reroll

Hexproof - use Berek's Grip ring

No regen - bring a mana flask

Can't leech - heavy flask work, consider rerolling



Drop orb of storms to get an arcane surge going, spin up to max blades, pop flasks and go to town.

Use Concentrated Effect if your DPS is lacking.


Check full details here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2112439


2. [PoE Flashback] Vaal Double Strike Champion

Using the changes to Vaal Double Strike in 3.3 giving almost double effects towards the clones with respectable damage in the normal jewel itself, we are able to obvious endgame content on the meager budget.



+  Decent damage & clear speed.

+  Vaal clones melt the boss's while you can sip tea.

+  Build is very cheap to start and get to end the game with.

+  Doesn't require any specific unique at all, so very SSF viable.



-  Pure melee builds so need to get up close and personal.

-  Cannot do reflect maps. Every other mod is game.


Passive Skill Tree

POB Link: https://pastebin.com/SEwRGTU9

Lvl 95 Skill Tree: http://www.poeurl.com/b045


You can take Vaal Pact & Vitality Void over other nodes for better leech sustain.


Bandit: Kill All



1. Worthy Foe

2. Unstoppable Hero

3. First to Strike, last to fall


If you find Adrenaline Unreliable you can go with Fortitude.



These can be switched according to the map mods/situation, but the ones that are activated most of the time for me are:

Major: Soul of Solaris

Minor: Soul of Tukohama


Leveling Summary

Leveling ought to be ought to be pretty easy thinking about we obtain to make use of all of our 4 primary damage gems before lvl 20.


I began having a straight-up double strike. Later added melee splash, then Maim & finally Melee Phys. This 4 link should allow you to as much as lvl 50.


Make certain you lvl your Ancestral call jewel with the remainder too. You may also switch between Maim & Ancestral demand extra AOE.


Find full build information: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2166458


3. [PoE Flashback] - Elemental Hit with Reach of the Council bow 


Despite a little bit of disappointment in actual release (initial buff was with 188% damage effectiveness, although not implemented), EH has become within the very solid condition. While there's no consensus made how you can optimize the basic hit build, here' propose my approach.


I, initially, attempted to experience EH as melee attack using ‘brightbeak’, but finish up utilizing a bow since utilizing a bow is much like x10 easier to play. Melee must have a spinal manipulation as “20% more section of effect for melee usage” to compete against range builds.



- "Cheap" (Core unique items are extremely cheap) + No 6 Link required

- End game viable.

- All map mode capable (except no leech)

- Tanky 6k+ HP @Lv90 (Using Rare jewels instead of Grand Spectrum Viridian Jewels)

- Great Leech w/ Acrobatic & Phase acrobatic

- Exact same passive tree for melee version (though it’s more suitable for bow attack)

- Great damage scaling based on EH Gem level.

- Very easy to cap resistance.



- low movement speed (compare to traditional bow builds)

- Not the best single target (compare to 3.2 Barrage builds)

- Not the best map clear (compare to 3.2 tornado shots builds)

- Melee version is not preferred in current speed clearing meta 


Passive Tree / PoB link

 Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y9b9la3k

 PoB: https://pastebin.com/E354uDcY

 Bandit: Kill All


Build Mechanism

Using the “Combat Focus jewel” of no cold damage selected with 90% Cold damage changed into Fire damage. Elemental Hit handles alternating Fire and Lightning damage. In the keystone of “Elemental Equilibrium” and “Elemental Overload”, our attack can get massive benefits.


This build is extremely cheap because our EH jewel is going to be put into frostferno helmet - requiring only 4 links for that finished game.


This build is extremely tanky because of the mixture of large health pool, Vaal pact, Ascendant’s slayer node for leech, and acrobatic/phase acrobatic.


Because the elemental hit is definitely an attack doesn’t benefit much from weapon base damage but will get take advantage of attack speed, we want ammunition for top-attack speed.


Leveling Tips

1) Don't use EH on leveling – I tried and it was not pleasant. Use your favorite skills for leveling up. Using EH is good after gem level over 16. 

2) Ascendancy points.

Go Slayer 1st then Elementalist


Whole build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2157802


4. [PoE Flashback] Noodle's Arc Trap + Lightning Spire Trap Saboteur  


This can be a beginner/budget form of Arc Traps. There are many upgrades you may make as you become to greater levels. This build is dependant on being affordable and taking advantage of a handbook dodge movement skill (whirling blades) rather of utilizing a wand (can't use whirling blades or shield charge).



+ Great clear speed

+ Insane boss killing

+ Low-Cost gear

+ Watching Arc clear a pack is Kreygasm



- Shadow has a hard time getting life

- High mana cost

- Everyone is doing Arc something


Level 90 DPS Tree: www.poeurl.com/b0C2



1. Perfect Crime

2. Chain Reaction

3. Pyromaniac

4. Born in the Shadows

I am in Softcore, so in Hardcore you may want to take Pyromaniac first, for the life regen, then Perfect Crime->Chain Reaction->Born in the Shadows.




Take Alira for them sweet Crit multi's and mana regen. Mana sustain can be tough as a trapper, especially when we are throwing up to 23 traps at a time.



For clearing and Incursions, I use Major: Soul of Lunaris (projectiles) and Minor: Soul of Shakari (chaos) or Soul of Ryslatha (health)


For Elder, I use Major: Soul of the Brine King (chill and stun) and Minor: Soul of Gurukul


Get more information on this post: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2156300


5. [PoE Flashback] Death's Oath CI Occultist Triple Curse


With losing Facet of spider in 3.3, we lose lots of damage but gain in defense and ~25% unreserved mana to utilize. We add enfeeble to make use of the disposable mana causing us to be tankier.


The build stays the same, except for the following:


-> Ascendancy - Malediction instead of Void Beacon to make use of triple curse (if you can get a +1 curse amulet you can keep Void Beacon, its more dmg than Malediction but less defense. Without +1 curse, Malediction is better IMO)


-> Helmet - Heretic's veil instead of Eber's Unification to accommodate triple curses. (Gems to be socketed in helm - Despair, Enfeeble, Temp chains, Discipline. Drop the Blasphemy)


-> Extra curse - Don't need to have a free suffix for Aspect of the Spider. This frees up 25% mana for an extra curse, enfeeble.




I suggest levelling with Essence Drain and Contagion, since they benefit from all the dmg over time nodes we already take.


ED Links -> ED > Efficacy > Swift Affliction > Controlled Destruction (Void manip. and Empower are your 5th and 6th links should you choose to get them)


Cont Links -> Cont > Inc Aoe > Arcane Surge > Faster Casting.


36 points - http://poeurl.com/bQ1y


70 points - http://poeurl.com/bQ1B


76 points - Change to CI and DO




You should use DO only after you change to CI.


Don't hurry the modification to CI, you'll need decent ES gear to possess good ehp when you perform the switch. You are able to virtually farm any quite happy with Erectile dysfunction/cont, so stay with it, until you get DO with the proper colors and decent ES gear to obtain around 5k ES. You are able to import your char into PoB and appearance just how much ehp you'd get following the switch.


You will need to respec 20 points, less if you choose to not get as many life nodes.


116 points - Reservation nodes for DO and Jewel sockets





3.3 Updated PoB - https://pastebin.com/CkjRAQDi




Kill all




Wicked ward > Vile Bastion > Void Beacon > Profane Bloom

Getting the ES two pointers early helps with switching to CI.




Lunaris and Ralakesh for mapping.

Solaris and Tukohama for bossing.


More details about this build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2115725


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