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PoE 3.3 Righteous Fire Occultist Build [Very Detailed]

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It's not easy to create a pure Righteous Fire build for Occultist in Incursion, so PoecurrencyBuy is going to tell you how to finish an RF build in Path of Exile 3.3 patch. We hope that you can reach rank 1 in Incursion league with this build, and then we can invite you to buy PoE Currency from us, which is our main business.


You will find very couple of sources about how this build works and so I made the decision to compile them into one place and add Aila's new low life version.


Observe that this build was initially created for SSFHC, and therefore the apparatus needed is very cheap. This build is made for mapping and never for finish-game bossing.


PoE 3.3 Righteous Fire Occultist Build [Very Detailed]



Very fast mapping - End-game mapping clip

High Tankiness - 8-11k eHP

Cheap gear since originally made for SSF

Scales well into endgame mapping

Un-stunnable from ascendancy

Satisfying Profane Bloom explosion chains

Can run all map mods including -max res and no recovery



Leveling is not beginner-friendly

Running maps with bad density or layouts can be awkward

Capping chaos res with hybrid build can be annoying

Needs STR and DEX on gear

Reduced flask charges map mod requires management

Boss killing is worse compared to other Ascendancies

Low life build requires a shavs


Build Overview

This build uses Occultist's Vile Bastion ascendancy to forego life regen nodes.


The ascendancy gives "1% of one's Shield Regenerated per second for every Enemy You've Wiped out Lately, as much as 30%", meaning we are able to put more points into tackiness and damage rather of regen.


The "Can't Be Stunned when you have Energy Shield" means we do not require a Life of Chayula.


Profane Blossom gives a lot of obvious speed using its max life explosions and


Malediction in the early game makes opponents deal 10% less harm to increase our survivability.


Occultist naturally gets large amounts of ES and can get up to triple curses for high DPS.

Since RF scales with ES and life, getting more ES automatically means more DPS.


Hybrid vs Low Life


Hybrid uses The Damaged Crown unique along with other chaos res products to achieve 75% chaos resistance. So you need better get enough Poe chaos orb on your account before you are going to use Hybrid.


Because the chaos damage is balanced around players with -60% chaos res, it deals trivial levels of harm to our low life total, which enables us to stack high levels of ES without having to worry about dying to chaos damage


Low life uses the Shavronne's Wrappings unique to create chaos damage not bypass energy shield and it is the main on most low life builds. Because we don't need to bother about a minimal life total, we are able to reserve Wholesomeness of fireside on the life and run another Blasphemy curse.


Using the creation of the Incursion league, the Vaal construct is a type of monster that seems in incursions. Despite 75% chaos res, it's not very comfortable to possess 2000eHP against these monsters. Sometimes RF degens you to definitely 1HP where


getting tickled by chaos damage means dying, forcing you to definitely portal.


Aila has opted to farm for Shavs within this league to rid themselves of the worry.


Low life is not 100% better. A hybrid could possibly get much greater ES since a max folded Shavs rises to 350 ES while a great ES chest might have 400-450  ES. Hybrid may also operate a formed chest with "Recover #% Energy Shield on Kill" making the degen completely trivial and allowing the build to operate all map mods without worry.



Leveling is the most complex part of this build. Aila swaps to RF at around level 36-40 but

if you are not comfortable with the degen, leveling until 60 before swapping to RF is ok too.


Lvl 1-12

Use Explosive Trap, 3L Freezing Pulse - Arcane Surge - Added Lightning, Frost Bomb.

Freezing pulse has high damage and can freeze for safety.


Lvl 12-36

Change to Fire Nova Mines, Firestorm or Fire Trap depending on your preference.

Fire Nova Mines - Minefield - Added Lightning/Elemental Focus - Fire Penetration

Firestorm - Faster Casting/Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Added Lightning

Fire Trap - Multi Trap - Added Lightning - Combustion

Add support links whenever you can.


Lvl 36+

4L Vaal Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Conc. Effect

3L Blasphemy - Poacher's Mark (Lvl 1) - Flammability(when you get your second curse)

3L Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

2L Orb of Storms - Inc. Crit Strikes (When you have Ele. Overload and Ele. Equilibrium)

1S Taunt Totem

Get Arctic Armour as soon as possible and use a scepter for shield charge. 


Aila sustains his RF at low levels using 3 life flasks, the other two flasks being quicksilvered.

Use Sacred (Lvl 36) and Hallowed (Lvl 42) white life flasks. Skip Sanctified (Lvl 50).

When your flasks can no longer sustain your life, qualify them, then roll the "Sapping" prefix on one flask (40% increased Life Recovered. Removes 10% of Life Recovered from Mana when used)

and "Seething" on the other (Instant Recovery).

Swap out 1 of your life flasks for Quartz, Basalt, Silver or Granite flask if you feel

you are sustaining flask charges.


Grind Harbor Bridge until Divine Life Flask (Lvl 60).

Grind Blood Aqueduct until Lvl 72.


Passives, Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon

Path of Building at different levels



Passive tree(official)

12 Points - http://poeurl.com/bXX6

22 Points - http://poeurl.com/bXX7

40 Points - http://poeurl.com/bXX8

66 Points - http://poeurl.com/bX3Z

100 Points - http://poeurl.com/bXYb

After Respeccing - http://poeurl.com/bXYt

Final Tree - http://poeurl.com/bXYp


For Bandits we kill all for 2 passives, none of them give anything useful.


Profane Chemistry may be the primary node that enables the build to sustain RF at this type of low-level.

Make certain you have this node and Lvl 36 life flask before swapping to RF. Once you grab this node, mind to the Blast Radius node, then mind as much as grab Holy Fire and Sovereignty. If you work with a Brightbeak and therefore are getting mana issues with Shield Charge, carry the Soul Siphon node for mana sustain.



Early Game

Profane Bloom -> Malediction

The extra curse from Malediction helps with flask sustain from Poacher's Mark.


If you are going to Low Life early,

get Wicked Ward -> Vile Bastion first


Late Game/Respeccing into ES

Respec out of Malediction and spec into Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion.


If you are able/want to complete Uber lab immediately, keep Malediction.

Unspec out of the cursed wheel in the passive tree to gain some extra passive points.

If you are doing Uber Lab solo, swap your RF for a Scorching Ray, the gem links are the same.

The first three labs can easily be done with RF after respeccing.


Respec when you have gear with plenty of ES and resists.

This takes 52 refund points (42 Regrets). Keep your ES above 7500. 

If you need to, take stat or resists nodes if you need extra strength, dexterity or resists and

spec out when you get better gear.


Mandatory Nodes after respec


PoE 3.3 Righteous Fire Occultist Build PIC 1


After respeccing, there's lots of choice with what nodes to obtain.

If you are planning low life, get Arcane Vision which means you aren't blind.

Observe that Discomfort Attunement does not use Righteous Fire.

IDK why Aila will get it in the Incursion character, maybe for additional Orb of Storms damage.


It's recommended to fill out all the minor ES nodes first

as they give you both damage and tankiness.


Skittering Runes is a very good DPS boost because the build can run triple curse.

Skill effect duration from Potency of Will makes Vaal Discipline and Vaal RF keep going longer.

Overcharged, Harrier and Precision are nodes for shield charging faster.

The remainder can be you.



Arakaali - 5% less DoT

Shakari - Less chaos damage is taken. Immune to poison when upgraded.

Gruthkul - If you are a low life and don't care about chaos damage.

Early game uses Ryslatha for life flask sustain.


Gem Links

Using the new update in Incursion, Discipline and Vaal Discipline are now able to run within the same jewel, giving the build extra jewel sockets to utilize.

However that it's no more easy to run double Vaal Discipline for nearly 100% uptime.


Vaal Righteous Fire

5L Vaal Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Conc. Effect/Inc. AoE

6L Vaal Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus -

﹒﹒Arcane Surge - Swift Affliction - Conc. Effect/Inc. AoE


RF can be socketed into a helmet if it has the right elder mods (Burning Damage+Conc. Effect)

Swap Inc. AoE with Conc. The effect during the grace period for bosses.

6 link is luxury and only gives ~16% more damage


4L Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Life Gain on Hit

You need some way to regain life from chaos damage and Vaal Righteous Fire.

Socket this into your helm so that The Broken Crown's cast on death support doesn't make

other spells uncastable.


4L Immortal Call (Lvl 3) - CWDT (Lvl 1) - Increased Duration - Vaal Discipline

If you have Overcharged, feel free to increase the level of CWDT.

Make sure you have Vaal Discipline for the boss.

Before respec, Vaal Grace can be used instead.


1S Flame Dash


Both hybrid and low life can run triple curse,

the difference is that hybrid has to sacrifice running Purity of Fire.

Curse priority goes Flammability -> Despair -> Elemental Weakness


In the Earlygame before respec, the build can run a more defensive curse setup

4L Blasphemy - Flammability - Poacher's Mark - Enfeeble



Flasks require their very own section since they're essential towards the build.

Early game, you ought to be using 2 life flasks with 2 quicksilvers along with a granite.

Upgrade/Quality your flasks before your gear.

Quality on flasks gives crucial duration so running between distant packs degens less.

This is what an almost ideal flask setup looks like:


PoE 3.3 Righteous Fire Occultist Build Flasks


Try to cover freeze, bleed, shock, and curse.

Poison is optional and could be completely negated by upgrading the Shakari pantheon.

Complete the Desert Spring Map then make use of a cartographer's seal to get rid of the map

out of your atlas, therefore, it does not drop. It's the type of costly but a high quality of life.

Silver Flask versus Basalt Flask depends upon if you would like tankiness or obvious speed.

They may also be swapped with Witchfire Brew for additional DPS.

Dying Sun rather of Ruby Flask if you're wealthy.


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