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PoE Atlas of Worlds Full Guide

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Atlas of Worlds map systems is a very important part of PoE, you can get many different PoE Currency, Weapon, Skill Gem, jewelry in a battery of maps. Most of the random map rules are similar to before, but with the newly introduced Atlas of Worlds system, we have added a lot of new gameplay. Players can better understand the completion of random maps and their relationships. (These relationships existed before, but now they are presented in the form of illustrations and links)


PoE Atlas of Worlds Full Guide


Initial Maps

In the second half of the ruthless difficulty, you will find 4 maps on the four corners of the Atlas of Worlds. They are all 1st-order maps. We hope that players can first accumulate a part of four first-order initial maps in the process of ruthless difficulty, and then open up the exploration of the outer boundary illustrations.


Atlas of Worlds

The Atlas of World System will help you understand the relationship between the maps. With the currently unlocked map, you can get the collection of maps and maps completed. This system also allows you to add extra affixes to map points in a certain area. The Alien Book is not a place to store the map and does not mean that you can enter the map without restriction after lighting a map point. You still need to get these maps in the same way as before, and then use them in the mapping device.

The extent to which your alien definitions are completed and the regional affixes added to the maps will be shared by all characters in the same league for that account.


The extent to which your Atlas of World is completed and the regional affixes added to the illustrations will be shared by all characters under that account.


Map Drop Mechanism

Most of the mechanisms for dropping a map are the same as before. The map is now getting from the following three channels:

The map you have obtained before.

A map connected to the map you are working on in the Atlas of Worlds.

Four initial 1st-order maps


The legendary map is dropped in the same way as other maps. It will only fall in the completed map that is connected to them. But once you have completed this legendary map, it will start falling on any map. (but still, have to meet the drop rating requirements)


Map Drop Mechanism


What Is A Completed Map?

When you "completed" a map, the points on the Atlas of World that correspond to the map will be illuminated, and then there will be a chance to drop the completed map (not just the connected map). However, a restriction rule in the old version still exists. In an x-order map, you usually only get the map of under(x+2) order.

In general, as long as you kill the legendary leader in the map, it will count as "complete" the map. But in a legendary map with no legendary heads, you need to open a specific legendary treasure chest to be considered "complete" the map.


Completing the task of cartographer master Zana will not be counted as completing the map points on the Atlas of World.


Additional target rewards that can be accumulated

Each map point on the Atlas of Worlds has an additional target. Each additional target can increase the probability of 1%, which is to increase the level of the map dropped by the player by 1st. For example, if you have completed the additional targets for the 60 map points on the illustration, you will have a 60% chance of getting a map one level higher than usual. When this probability exceeds 100%, it means that you have a chance to get a high-order map. At the center of the Atlas of Worlds, you will see the specific probability.


Common Additional Goals

For white map points on the Atlas of World (1-5 steps): Kill the leader in the map or open the specified legendary treasure chest (when there is no leader)

For yellow map points (6-10 steps) on the Atlas of World: Defeat the leader in the rare map

For the red point on the Alien Book (11 levels or more): Defeat the leader in the rare version after corruption

For the red point on the Atlas of Worlds (11 levels or more): Defeat the leader in the rare version after corruption


Common Additional Goals


Shaper's Orb


It is a kind of mission reward item, which can be used to upgrade the corresponding stage map to 5 classes.


During the game, players can get a total of 15 Shaper's Orb, which is distributed on a specific map of the atlas of the world. (The map between 6-12 steps, one for each step; there are 2 maps at 13th order; 3 for each of 14th and 15th order maps). When you complete the extra targets of these maps, it will drop the jade of the corresponding level of plastic.


Usually, on an x-level map, you will get an x-5-order Shaper's Orb. For example, if you have completed a 15th-order map, you will get a 10th-order Shaper's Orb, and then you can use it on a 10th-order map point on the illustration to turn the map point into 15th order.


When a map point is reshaped by it, the map you already have will not be reshaped. But the remodeled version of the map will start to fall. (The low-end version of the map will no longer drop). These remodeled maps are 5 orders higher than the original version of the map and can be sold to other players. The reshaped map points will also be shared by all characters in the same world under the same account.


It can be seen as a mission item so they cannot be traded. You can use 20 Cartographer's Chisel and 5 Orb of Regret to exchange the reshaped map at NPC for the jade.


The level of all items (including those new base items) that are hit in the reshaped map will also increase by 5 levels with the map level.


Cartographer's Sextant


It will randomly fall out of the map and can trade with other players. Use it on a map point to attach additional properties to all map points around the point. These properties may make the map simple or difficult, depending on your build.


There are three levels of drawing sextants: beginner, intermediate, and master. They will fall within the map points of the corresponding colors on the illustrations. (This also means that the red master cartographer's sextant is more difficult to obtain, and it is more difficult to add extra attributes to the red map points)


As long as it is close enough, its attached properties will also affect map points of other colors. For example, a yellow map point with a mid-level cartographer’s sextant attached can affect the map points of the near red high stage.


Each cartographer's sextant has a certain number of uses, and the additional attributes of the sextant are consumed when the map is opened.


You can trade the map and complete them, whether or not you have completed the map before. If you trade and complete the map, the map points will light up on your Atlas of world and be considered completed (even if there are no connection points around).


Legacy map of old players and players who start over

Many players in the SC eternal world and the eternal world of PHC have a large number of heritage maps of earlier versions. These old maps still produce items. For example, the Gorge is originally a 9th-order map, and the new version is a 13th-order map. If you open the old version of the 9th-order Gorge in the drawing machine, you will still enter a 9th-order map.


These old maps will use the layout of the new map and the new boss (just the class or the old one). And they will drop the new version of the item and map.


If you complete an old version of the heritage map, it unlocks a map of the corresponding stage and a series of maps before reaching the map. This will help older players who have played random map content to quickly complete the map.


Map Corruption and Upgrade

Selling three identical maps to NPC will result in a specific next stage map (connected to the original map on the illustration). Using Vale Corruption to obtain a high-order one map, you will also get a higher-order map adjacent to the map (if there are multiple connected adjacent maps, randomly select one)

By the way, the Vaal Temple now belongs to the 16-stage map.


Void Guard and Shaper

The map is located near the center. There are four 16-order maps each containing a Void Guard. After defeating it, you will get a piece of memory from the guardian. Collecting four different memory fragments and using them in a map device can open the channel to the creative world and challenge the ultimate BOSS---the Shaper. The passage of the creation of the world can only be opened, and it cannot be dropped by itself. When these memory fragments are placed together with other maps in the mapping device, 10% of the quality of other maps can be provided.

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