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Path of Exile Loot Guide for New Players

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I think this would be a quite good looting guide for new players to PoE 3.3 Incursion league, in my opinion, looting is a very interesting thing that a player can do in Path of Exile, it's so fun, but it doesn't mean that it's so easy, you still some good tips to loot in PoE:


Path of Exile Loot Guide for New Players



PoE is really a complex game. Following the shock and awe brought on by the passive skill tree, I believe the 2nd greatest impact originates from the itemization.


PoE's economy, even only at that initial phase, is convoluted and involves even more than just gear. Skills are itemized, hell, even places will be itemized soon by means of maps. Beginners are overloaded with this particular information, that makes it very difficult to tell what's worth keeping and what's vendor trash.


I believe you need to give newcomers assistance with what drops they must be having to pay focus on, and which are not worth keeping. This informative guide aims to complete exactly that, supplying a list purchased by pickup priority. It calls for the apparent stuff (rares, uniques) but the less immediate for example 3-colour-links to trade into chromatics or max implicit jewellery.


Clearly, this informative guide assumes you need to pick stuff up because of its general effectiveness/market price. Your individual character needs right now ought to be maxed priority, and if you think a blue (or perhaps a white-colored) is definitely an upgrade over what you are putting on right now, go ahead and, get it!


Priority List

So let us say you're just born fresh (and drenched) into the field of Wraeclast. You may think that, simply because you are new, all of the products you receive are useless. On the other hand! You will find products of effective value for newcomers too, that may be traded for top-finish Uniques. I lately had a  16% Whirling Blades jewel within the very second part of the game, which costs a large amount of high-finish currency. You need to be on the lookout!


In order to know what stuff is actually valuable, here's my personal priority list:


--->a) Max Priority: Pick these all the time<---

a).1: All PoE Currency products. Each and every currency item may be worth obtaining and stacking, using the periodic exception of Scrolls of Knowledge and Portal Scrolls. These latter are all around so it's fine should you skip them every occasionally. The remainder ought to be selected without exception, as finish-game "crafting" uses them in great quantities and they're all valuable. The less apparent ones (for example Orb of Hunting) are useful and should not remain in the earth!


a).2: Quality Skill Gems. This really is frequently overlooked by newbies, that leads to numerous wealth wasted. Any time you visit a skill drop, even when it's very fundamental, have a second to hover your mouse regarding this and appearance if it features a Quality bonus. Whether it does, regardless of how small, get it. These cost high costs because they considerably reduce the number of Gemcutter's Prisms you have to make sure they are perfect, and-level min maxers covers them. They are also best to use instead of the standard ones, even if underleveled!


a).3: Uniques. Some uniques are more effective, many are worse, but they are generally used towards the appropriate build, and a few occasions they are very effective (for example Charan's Tipua Kaikohuru). If you notice the brown text on the floor, don't pass. Even when it's low-level, it might prove useful for your forthcoming character or perhaps a strange build. I have designed a build that abuses Crown of Thorns, that has been known as the worst Unique ever, so don't forget this: You will see someone available purchasing the Uniques you receive, even though you can't learn how to rely on them.


a).4: Three-Colour-Links. Knowing that you ought to pick 3CLs up is among the best advantages of studying the Sales Recipe thread. 3CL is anything with one socket of every colour linked together (they've already more sockets). They're good simply because they cost 1 chromatic orb, within the most direct recipes available, therefore it is the same to select a (rather bulky) chromatic orb. Vendor, As soon as possible and collect your reward.



--->b) High Priority: You generally want to pick these<---

b).1: Rares. Generally, you need to pick rares up. That which you use them is yet another issue that I'll discuss in another portion of the guide, but they are a helpful material. Identified, they might grow to be quite effective then sell for decent amounts, or function as gear on your own or perhaps your twinks. When they come out not very decent, they may be switched into Purchase Recipes to obtain special orbs or outright vendored for shards. Left unknown they may also internet you some orbs because of Purchase Recipes. How you can "spend" your rares is going to be described afterwards.


b).2: Non-Quest Skill Gems. Many skill gems are awarded as quest rewards for that different classes. Others aren't, and it's wise to get those that can not be easily acquired. You are able to most likely get yourself a list elsewhere within the forum, but rapidly asking around the Chat will suffice. Getting a few copies of each and every non-quest jewel is definitely good in the situation you roll a personality that utilizes them, or perhaps a purchase chance appears. When they start mounting up, you might want to skip some.


b).3: High Links. High Links are products with lots of linked slots. They will not start appearing until late Cruel, so don't be concerned relating to this initially. 5-links ought to be selected up without exception, and if you notice a 6-link you best dive constantly for this: they are very rare. 4-links depends upon you, and just how much space for storage you've. They are rare enough to become convenient but will not cost much.


b).4: Max Implicit Products. Some products (like Jewellery) have implicit bonuses: Individuals are the type over the horizontal line prior to the magic stuff. Implicit values are essential because they are separate from all of those other bonuses if you tinker with a bit of jewellery or belt that value is going to be left untouched unless of course, you utilize a unique orb for this. What this means is products with perfect Implicit mods come with an intrinsic value, because they are perfect tinkering material at any level (for instance to twink figures). Since jewellery does not take much space, obtaining individuals 15% gold rings and 20 onyx amulets is not an awful idea.


--->c) Medium Priority: You may want to pick these<---

c).1: Magic Flasks: It certainly is best to pick Flasks up and identify them because a few of their bonuses are valuable. Surgeon flasks cost alchemy shards, and those that heal minions are decently rare. They often don't trade material since many people appear to handle their very own ones, however, it does not hurt checking them out.


c).2: Weirdly Coloured Sockets: This is usually a personal quirk of mine, however, I like hoarding products with most unlikely socket colours. This may be, for instance, a bow with four red slots, or perhaps an axe with five blues. These proportions are statistically most unlikely, and when there's ever a build that needs precisely that layout, they'll likely be having to pay a great deal for this. Given how specific these would get, I only suggest picking them up for those who have lots of stash space!


c).3: Advanced Flasks: The weirder flasks, for example, Resistance Flasks, Gemstone and Granite Flasks are rare enough to warrant selecting a 5-group of everybody contrary because they are best to have around. I'd advise to get them till you have 5 of every, then have them just in situation.


--->d) Low Priority: You usually don't want these<---

d).1: Whites without good sockets: There's little use for Whites without interesting socket layouts. Even should they have Quality, there's little reason for picking them up, since Quality on the white-colored is extremely simple to apply. Obviously, whites with Implicit bonuses are susceptible to the Implicit criteria I described above, but apart from that, don't pick them.


d).2: Blues (while you might to ID Drop): Blues are extremely common and picking them up with no criteria will clog your inventory and waste your time and effort and scrolls. This issue is quite common with Diablo 3 players since they are accustomed to blues being valuable. Here, less. However, you might like to get blues you may be thinking about and drop a scroll in it to find out if they've good mods. When they do, they could be good material for promotion into rares having a Regal Orb, consider a highly effective promotion would most likely require some Exalted Orbs too, this really is something should most likely do within the endgame.


d).3: Quest skill gems: Gems that are given as quest rewards are generally trash unless you need them urgently. 


Really hope that this guide is helpful, and if you have any more ideas about looting, just leave them below, I'd like to have a discussion with you. When you are going to loot in PoE, be remember to be more careful and patient.

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